The RedSteppers

Indiana University RedStepper Dance Team
The RedStepper Dance Team is an integral part of the IU Marching Hundred. Since 1972, these ladies have added an element of sparkle to the Band’s performances. The team focuses on many styles of dance including ballet, jazz, and pom, and has a tradition of executing a beautiful kick-line during each halftime performance. Members are actively involved in IU’s football game day experience. RedSteppers dance on the field as a spirit team during football games and perform with the band during halftime. Members are expected to participate in daily practices from 4:10-5:45 PM in the fall.

IU RedStepper Audition/Morning Clinic
Sunday, April 28th, 2019
10:00 AM at the Ray E. Cramer Marching Hundred Hall (910 E 17th St.)
***This will be the ONLY audition for the 2019 season
Auditions are open to all IU students and seniors in high school who have been accepted to Indiana University.
The morning clinic is open to all high school students as well.
At the morning clinic, participants will learn audition material.
1. *Choreography to the school song
2. A jazz/pom routine
3. A kick-line
4. Technique for a double-turn, right and left splits, and kicks
What to wear:
-Black athletic leggings or black shorts with tights
-A white form-fitting top
-Jazz shoes or athletic tennis shoes (we will be doing a double turn)
-Hair and make-up should be game day ready
After a break for lunch, auditions will begin in the afternoon. Squad members will be announced at the end of the audition. Women who make the team should expect to stay for a short meeting afterward.
If there is a extreme circumstance in which a participant cannot make the audition on that day, a video submission will be allowed. Please contact the coach for more information.

*The Choreography to the school song is available before the April 28 clinic. On clinic day, we will quickly go over this choreography; therefore, it would be beneficial to practice the routine before auditions.
Click here for the YouTube video.

IU Marching Hundred Band Camp: Tuesday-Saturday, August 20-24, 2019
This is required of all members of the RedStepper squad.
For any questions please email the RedStepper Coach, Brookelyn Wood, at:

Register for the RedStepper Clinic session

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Redsteppers Group
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