The RedSteppers

RedStepper Clinics and Auditions

IU RedStepper Spring Auditions
Saturday April 28, 2018
10:00 a.m. Ray E. Cramer Marching Hundred Hall (910 E 17th St.)
Open to all IU students and seniors in high school. A clinic will take place in the morning (and is open to all high school students also), we will break for lunch, and auditions will begin in the afternoon. Partial squad members will be announced at the end of the audition.

IU RedStepper Fall Auditions
Tuesday August 14, 2018
10:00 a.m. Ray E. Cramer Marching Hundred Hall (910 E 17th St.)
Open to IU students, incoming freshman, as well as those who weren’t selected in the spring. The morning session will be spent learning audition routines and executing skills, center floor and across the room combinations. Final selections for the squad will be announced at the end of the audition.

IU Marching Hundred Band Camp
This is required of all members of the RedStepper squad. Alternate(s) will be named by the end of band camp from the squad membership.

Auditions consist of learning one or two dance routines taught at the audition, along with basic stretches and terminology sessions. Selections will be made on the basis of performance, talent, appearance and ability to synchronize movements. For a successful audition, you normally should have had several years of dance training experience.

This group is not a pom-pom group group but strictly a dance unit. Costumes (with the exception of footwear, trunks and leotards etc.) will be furnished by the Department of Bands (a complete list of items that you must supply will be available at the audition).

Please wear form-fitting dance attire and soft dance shoes or tennis shoes to the audition.

If you are accepted as a RedStepper, you must attend the remainder of band camp.

Register for the RedStepper Clinic session

Read an audition information letter (PDF) from our Choreographer, Janis Parker

Redsteppers Group
Redsteppers Group
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Redsteppers Feature
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Redsteppers Thewalk
Redsteppers GroupRedsteppers 4Redsteppers 5Redsteppers 7Redsteppers Sample GatesRedsteppers 3Redsteppers 6Redsteppers DanceRedsteppers Feature FrontRedsteppers FeatureRedsteppers Go Big RedRedsteppers 2Redsteppers IURedsteppers ParadeRedsteppers SignRedsteppers The WalkRedsteppers Thewalk