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To serve Indiana University in meeting its strategic goal of actively engaging the university’s strengths to support the economic development of Indiana by exceeding the business diversity spend goals, successfully meeting all compliance reporting requirements and participating in community service activities to ensure a business environment that fosters the inclusion of businesses owned and controlled by minorities, women and other small disadvantaged businesses in Indiana University’s contracting and procurement processes.


The Department of Supplier Diversity is committed to the following goals:

  • Exceed the spend goals
  • Comply with all state reporting requirements
  • Improved purchasing and contracting processes and tools
  • Maintain a diverse supplier data base
  • Act as a resource to Staff and Faculty
  • Develop mentoring partnerships
  • Provide business diversity education and awareness training
  • Engage IU Staff in Supplier Diversity
  • Participate in business diversity advocate affairs and community outreach activities
  • Indiana University - a leader in higher educational business diversity


  • Collaborate with key internal stake holders
  • Implement new internal systems to better monitor and track compliance
  • Provide on-line Tier II reporting for subcontractor compliance
  • Create a system-wide advisory board to develop policies and strategic vision
  • Develop internal partners to advise on process changes
  • Encourage Minority and Women participation in all RFP/RFQ’s
  • Create new communication channels with brochures, newsletters, and a website
  • Benchmark against other similar organizations and incorporate best practices

Supplier Diversity Plan

Improve MBE/WBE Participation and Exceed Indiana State Goals

  1. Implement internal procedures
    1. Follow up with M/WBE businesses that did not win contracts and explain why.
    2. Buyers with expiring contracts to ID potential recipients for RFQ/RFP.
    3. Develop mentoring partnerships with majority/minority owners.
    4. Benchmark ourselves against other organizations.
  2. Collaborate with internal stakeholders
    1. Create advisory board to develop policies and strategic vision
    2. Create internal partners to advise on process changes
    3. Meet with faculty and staff
    4. Provide new construction contract language
  3. Partner with external organizations
    1. National and Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council
    2. Indiana Black Expo
    3. State of Indiana Department of Administration
    4. Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce
    5. Indianapolis Black Chamber of Commerce
    6. Chamber Diversity Council
    7. HUSB (Historical Underutilized Small Businesses)
    8. National Association of Women Business Owners
  4. Strengthen relationships with MBE and WBE businesses
    1. Require minority participation in all RFP/RFQ‘s.
    2. Facilitate partnerships between minority and majority firms.
    3. Create new communication channels with brochure, newsletters, and website.
    4. Create a “brainstorm” panel to get ideas from M/WBEs.


Do MBE/WBE suppliers have to be certified by NMSDC or WBENC affiliates?

Indiana University requires certifications from one of the following: NMSDC, IMSDC, WBENC, State or City, or any organization of reciprocity.

What is the single most important factor in deciding whether or not an M/WBE company can be a "Tier-One" supplier for Indiana University?

Scale and capacity are critical to all companies that become prime or “Tier-One” suppliers in the supply chain. When IU makes cost correct purchases of goods and services, those efficiencies translate into better pricing and service for the customer. Innovative means of delivering goods or services in support of IU are also important. The innovations should be stated in cost savings, or operational efficiencies (e.g. examples of where your company was successful implementing the idea with another educational institution similar in size or function to IU.

Where does a construction company find out about potential opportunities?

IU Major Construction projects are handled through the IU Architects and Facilities offices. You will find bid information on their websites:

How do I get my company registered as an MBE/WBE with IU?

Please visit our Certification page. For additional questions please contact us.

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