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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Hoosier Externship Program?
A: The Hoosier Externship Program offers undergraduates at Indiana University the opportunity to connect with employers and "test-drive" potential careers through a form of experiential learning similar to job shadowing. During this time, students will spend one to five days observing and working with a professional(s) in a career that is of particular interest to them.

Q: What is the difference between an externship and an internship?
A: Externships are short term (one to five days) and offer no pay or academic credit. Furthermore, while externships may offer some "hands-on" opportunities, the overall goal of the experience is to observe.

Q: What types of things will I do during an externship?
A: While all work environments are different, the goal of an externship is for the student to see what a typical "day or week in the life" of the host is like. Some options for an extern(s) may include:

  • Observing both typical duties of host and well as those of other personnel
  • Touring the facilities
  • Conducting informational interview(s) with host and other employees
  • Attending meetings
  • Assisting with small projects
  • Observing interactions or working directly with clients and customers
  • Performing general office tasks

Q: Am I responsible for my expenses?
A: Yes. Students are responsible for any financial obligations, including food, travel, and lodging.

Q: How do I apply to the program?
A: The application process consists of the following two (2) parts:

  • Completing an online application, including submission of a professional resume; and
  • Attending a mandatory orientation session once selected.

Q: What is the deadline to apply?
A: Student applications for the Spring 2013 program are due by February 15, 2013. All materials should be submitted through the Hoosier Externship Program Online Application.

Q: How will I be "matched" with an Employer-Host?
A: Pairings are determined by Career Development Center's Externship Committee (consisting of Career Development Center staff) based on student interests and qualifications and host preferences. Pairings will be announced via email by February 19, 2013.

Q: How can I improve my chances of being selected?
A: As there is not a formal interview process, your written responses should fully explain your career interests and what you hope to gain from the experience. While it is not necessary for you to have had previous career-related experience, it is both helpful and important to include any type of experience (work, volunteer, student/community organizations, etc.) on your resume so that we know as much about you as possible.

Q: Who should I contact for additional information about the program?
A: If you have questions about the program or need additional information, please contact us via email at