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Planted Tree Re-Inventory Protocol

The Bloomington Urban Forestry Research Group developed the Planted Tree Re-Inventory Protocol for use in several projects that involve measuring trees that have been planted by people in the urban landscape. The Protocol is designed for use by minimally-trained data collectors - high school or college students, interns, volunteers, or anyone else interested in being a ‘citizen scientist.’ Download a copy of the Protocol booklet and a Microsoft Excel file usable for data collection below.

Jess and Burney wrote an article describing the development of the Planted Tree Re-Inventory Protocol, which was published in Cities and the Environment (CATE) in 2014:

Vogt, J.M. and B.C. Fischer 2014. A protocol for citizen science monitoring of urban trees. Cities and the Environment, 7(2):4. (Publication is free to all to download.)