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Teaching Activities

Members oUrban Forestry classf the Bloomington Urban Forestry Research Group (BUFRG) are involved in many ongoing teaching activities. Some of these activities are highlighted below.


SPEA E422/522 Urban Forest Management

In 2006, Burney Fischer received a grant to develop a course in Urban Forest Management to be taught at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University in Bloomington. Fischer currently teaches this course of 30-50 students during the spring semester of every year, and the most recent syllabus is available below.

Funding and Support

Syllabi and Course Materials

SPEA E555 Urban Ecology

In the spring of 2010, Burney Fischer worked with several SPEA Master’s students to develop the first course in Urban Ecology at IUB. This course is taught periodically in the fall semester to a small group of 10-15 master’s students and is entirely based on discussion of student-selected readings. Jess measuring a tree

Syllabi and Course Materials

SPEA V600 Capstone - Evaluations of the USFS Forest Legacy Program & Northern Minnesota Lake Associations

Since the Spring of 2012, Burney Fischer has been leading Capstone courses for the SPEA Master’s programs. In the Spring of 2012, Burney Fischer and Sarah Mincey, along with our colleague James Farmer, led a capstone to evaluate the Forest Legacy Program of the USDA Forest Service. Most recently, these capstones have investigated the management of lakes in northern Minnesota through the lens of Lake Associations and water quality monitoring programs undertaken by these LAs. See the syllabus below for the most recent iterations of the capstone class, as well copies of the final reports presented to the Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations.


Final Reports and Publications from Capstone Classes


Honors Thesis/Independent Study Mentoring

Burney Fischer and Sarah Mincey have mentored several students in projects related to urban forestry. Links to recent projects are provided below.