Graduate Students


Joshua Williams


My research interests are motivated to understand the neuroanatomical and functional alterations that occur in the neurocognitive system caused by differences in language modality. I am particularly interested in phonetic and phonological aspects of sign language perception and production in both native Deaf and nonnative hearing signers. Additionally, I’m interested in the neural and behavioral predictors of second language aptitude and their interface with language modality. From a translational perspective, I’m interested in creating sign language assessment tools and training programs to probe and improve acquisition outcomes and sign fluency. Other interests include lexical access, fingerspelling, and language rehabilitation.  Personal Website:

Adrian Paneto_headshot

Adrian Paneto 


My research interests include understanding the role of executive functions(e.g. Working Memory) in problem-solving in both clinical and non-clinical populations, with a special interest in utilizing brain imaging techniques (i.e. fMRI, EEG).  Personal Website:




Yanyu Xiong 


My research focuses on uses EEG to study sentence comprehension.

Kelsey Prena 


My research focuses on understanding how video game play interacts with brain neurochemistry using MR spectroscopy.