Department of Economics

Graduate Program

Graduate Class 2016

The department strives to give students not only a broad understanding of the discipline, but also the opportunity to explore at least three fields in depth. The department offers course work in 10 major fields:

  • advanced economic theory
  • development and economics of transition
  • econometrics
  • economic history
  • games and experimental methods
  • growth theory
  • industrial organization (in partnership with Department of Business Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) of the Kelly School of Business)
  • international trade
  • macroeconomics
  • monetary economics
  • public economics

In addition, a field in finance is offered within the Economics Graduate Program in partnership with the Department of Finance of the Kelly School of Business .

Upon completion by a student of the Core requirements and exams, the department provides a general framework within which each student, in consultation with a faculty advisory committee, designs his or her field specialization and course of study.

Our Students

Graduate students at IU come from a variety of backgrounds, representing diverse ethnic and racial groups from all parts of the United States and most regions of the world. Their educational backgrounds range from small liberal arts colleges to large state universities. Some have completed only the B.A. or B.S., while others have M.A. degrees. All graduate students are members of the Economics Graduate Student Association. The association provides information and advice regarding graduate-student issues to the faculty. It is socially active, sponsoring department activities and extracurricular activities, and is especially helpful to students new to the department. The average size of our incoming class is between 18 and 20 students.

Graduate students at Indiana have won a variety of prestigious awards for their dissertations and teaching. Students have also received MacArthur Fellowships, Starr Fellowships, International Research Exchange Fellowships, and National Science Foundation grants for support of dissertation research in the United States and abroad.


The Ph.D. program's graduates are being consistently placed in the academy, as well as government, nonprofit organizations, and private industry. Some examples of placements of our graduates over the last decade include: Academic institutions: University of Notre Dame; Florida State University; University of Alabama; Emory University; Kansas State University; University of Tennessee; North Carolina State University; Auburn University; Drexel University; Northeastern University; U.S. Naval Academy; University of North Dakota; National University of Singapore; University of Glasgow; The College of William and Mary; DePauw University; Denison University; Saint Vincent College; Simpson College; Manchester College; Bentley College; Wabash College; Colby College.

Government institutions: Federal Reserve Board; International Monetary Fund; Asian Development Bank; U.S. International Trade Commission; Congressional Budget Office; Joint Committee on Taxation, U.S. Congress; Federal Trade Commission; U.S. Department of Agriculture; U.S. Agency for International Development; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Hines Veterans Administration in Chicago; Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

Private industry and non-profits: General Motors Corporation; American Express; PricewaterhouseCoopers; Wachovia Corporation; Bristol West Insurance Group; Bancorp; Corning, Inc.; Samsung Economic Research Institute, Seoul, Korea; ICF Consulting Group; ITG (Investment Technology Group); United Health; Pennsylvania Blue Shield; Center on Outcomes Research and Education-Evanston; Mayo Clinic-Section of Health Services Evaluation. The department provides comprehensive placement services for its Ph.D. graduates. Additionally, students may use the placement services of the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education, and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

For a list of placements, go here .