Department of Economics

Undergraduate Program


Economics is the study of how individuals and societies manage their scarce resources—people must decide how much they work, what they buy, how much they save, and how they use their leisure time. Most societies use decentralized markets as the primary means of allocating resources, so economics gives students insight into how markets function in coordinating the activities of many diverse buyers and sellers. Economics also analyzes the trends and forces that affect the economy as a whole, including growth in average income, the portion of the labor force that cannot find work, and the rate at which prices are rising or falling. A major in economics provides excellent preparation for graduate and professional school, including law school, and for rewarding careers in consulting, finance, and other private and public sector employment. The Department of Economics offers course work in a variety of topics including microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory, financial economics, money and banking, public finance, labor economics, international economics, economic development, game theory, and econometrics.

Additional information about the undergraduate program including requirements for the three majors and two minors offered by the Department of Economics can be found on the Academic Advising Resource Center. There you will also find posts concerning opportunities and events pertaining to economics majors. If, after reviewing that site, you have questions about the undergraduate program, please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor. You can schedule an appointment with Aaron Harmon or Frank Reiter through StarNet at your convenience.

E201 Intro To Mico E202 Intro To Macro E303 Survey of International Economics E305 Money & Banking E308 Survey of Public Finance E309 Topics in Economics E321 Intermediate Microeconomics Theory E322 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory E327 Game Thoery E331 International Trade E332 International Monetary Economics E337 Economic Development E341 Economics of Labor Markets E344 Health Econoimcs E351 Law and Economics E361 Public Finance: Government Spending E362 Public Finance: Taxation E364 Environment and Resource Economics E370 Statistical Analysis for Bus & Econ E371 Introduction to Applied Econometrics E385 Economics of Industry E386 Soviet-type Economics in Transition E390 Undergraduate Seminar In Economics E391 Independent Research in Economics E425 Financial Economics E427 Seminar in Experimental Economics E471 Econometric Theory & Practice I E472 Econometric Theory & Practice II E490 Topics in Economics E496 Foreign Study in Economics E499 Honors Thesis E398 Internship in Economics M118 Finite Math M211 Or M119 Calculus