SoE Staff Recognition Nomination Form

SoE Staff Recognition Nomination Form


All School of Education support, service and professional staff employees in all job categories, regardless of whether they are funded through external grants or internal sources, are eligible for the awards. Employees must be appointed at least .75 FTE and must have successfully completed the probationary period for all new employees. While there is no limit to the number of times an employee can be nominated and/or receive the reward, supervisors should use discretion in nominating previous recipients.


The awards will be based on employees meeting at least one of the following criteria as they relate to the School of Education’s mission and goals.

• Exemplary performance, outstanding achievements or accomplishments
• Exemplary role modeling to include outstanding customer service, collaboration, and positive attitude
• Cost savings or ideas that contribute to increased efficiency
• Design and implementation of new systems or processes
• Leadership participation in restructuring such as assessing staff responsibilities, position development, etc