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Table of Contents

Clean Living Movements: American Cycles of Health Reform

by: Ruth Clifford Engs
     Chapter 1: Introduction

The First Clean Living Movement, 1830-1860
     Chapter 2: Millennialism, New Religions and Health Reform
     Chapter 3: Temperance, Tobacco and Women's Rights
     Chapter 4: Christian Physiology, Diet and Sexuality
     Chapter 5:"Inherited Realities," Phrenology, and Groups with Quasi  Eugenic
     Chapter 6: Nativism, Cholera, Public Health, and Cures

The Second Clean Living Movement, 1880-1920
     Chapter 7: Religious Zeal, Physical Culture and Diet
     Chapter 8: Saloons, Suffrage and Smoking
     Chapter 9: Eugenics, Purity and Birth Control
     Chapter 10: Pure Food, Drugs, and the Elimination of "Dope"
     Chapter 11: Tuberculosis, Public Health and Influenza

The Third Clean Living Movement, mid 1970-2000?
     Chapter 12: Christian Awakening, "New-Age" Religions, and Wellness
     Chapter 13: Drunk Driving, Smoke Free Environments, and the "War Against
     Chapter 14: Women's Lib, Neo Purity and AIDS
     Chapter 15: Fitness, Health, and the New Eugenics