CONVERSATIONS IN THE ABBEY: Senior Monks of Saint Meinrad Reflect on Their Lives

Ruth Clifford Engs

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DESCRIPTION: Eleven senior monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey were interviewed by Prof. Ruth Clifford Engs. They discuss their early years at the monastery, their work and prayer life, and their view of various changes in religious life and society over the past seventy years. In addition, three historical essays discuss the work of the abbey including Abbey Press, finance and development efforts, and land-based enterprises such as farming and the sandstone quarry.

ISBN: 9780870294112
Engs, Ruth Clifford. Conversations in the Abbey: Senior Monks of Saint Meinrad Reflect on their Lives. St. Meinrad, IN: Saint Meinrad Archabbey, 2008

"The book has that warm tone of sitting down to ask one's grandparents what life was like when they were young. It also contains the pearls of their wisdom; their favorite part of the Rule, the happiest or hardest things about monastic life, the legacy of Vatican II, their hopes for the Church and the world."
The American Monastic Newsletter

"Engs records a rich and exciting part of the history of St. Meinrad that took place during a time of great change...This work is a valuable resource for those interested in the oral history of Indiana, the U.S. during the civil rights movement, and the Catholic Church immediately following Vatican II."
Oral History Review

"Anyone interested in the contemporary history of American Catholicism and of monastic movements will be interested by this Volume."
Indiana Magazine of History

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Interview with the author

CONTACT THE ARCHABBEY: For media inquiries contact: Mary Jeanne Schumacher, Director of Communications, Saint Meinrad Archabbey, (800) 682-0988 or email Saint Meinrad Archabbey's Communications Office.

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