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Literary Folkloristics and the Personal Narrative

Sandra K. Dolby

ISBN: 978-0915305483

Dolby - Literary Folkloristics Cover

"In less than twenty years after its publication Sandra Dolby's seminal work on Literary Folkloristics and the Personal Narrative has become a classic in folklore and narrative studies. In fact, no scholar or student can be engaged in the study of personal narratives without this ground-breaking work. Dolby's pioneering work has won international acclaim with its theoretical discussion of literary folkloristics, its detailed definition and analysis of the personal narrative as an oral literary genre, its methodology of interpreting personal narrative texts, and its analysis of actual texts. As such, this book has guided the advancement in personal narrative studies over the past two decades in scholarship worldwide. For its much needed and desired reissue Sandra Dolby has added an erudite and informed preface reflecting on the progress that personal narrative studies have made, including comments and resources on the history of the personal narrative genre and its study from the point of view of its audience and reception, performance, cultural frame of reference, cultural identity, themes, values, and worldview. Both Sandra Dolby and Trickster Press are to be applauded and commended for making this invaluable study available again for a new generation of folklorists, cultural historians, and literary scholars who will benefit greatly from the informed content and the lucid style of this brilliant book."

--Wolfgang Mieder, Professor of German and Folklore, University of Vermont

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