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Trickster Press is a not-for-profit folklore publishing house affiliated with the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University, Bloomington. We are graduate-student operated, and part-time volunteers make up our entire staff. All royalties go back into our operating costs, which enables us to offer titles at prices that contribute to their ready entry into scholarly discourse. Originally branching out from Indiana University's folklore student associations, we continue to maintain close ties with the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology and to the student body.

In October 2008, we released Literary Folkloristics and the Personal Narrative, the long-awaited second edition of a seminal book in the field of folklore. Another popular title from Trickster is The Emergence of Folklore in Everyday Life, one of the leading textbooks for introductory folklore classes.

We have specialized in publishing classics that have gone out of print, but as we turn toward new a business model that allows us more freedom, we are developing a vision for the future that takes advantage of our unique power: we can give voice to specialty scholarly work that large presses cannot. If you have any suggestions for reprints, feel free to contact us, or if you are interested in publishing your original work, please submit a two to four page prospectus. Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts.

504 N. Fess Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47408
Phone: 812-855-0426

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