GIST is governed by a set of officers elected by the members. A faculty advisor, appointed by the IST department chairperson, provides guidance and continuity of leadership from year to year. Officers are elected in the Spring; they serve a one-year term from May 1 to April 30.  An Executive Committee, made up of the elected officers, meets monthly during the academic year.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Gamze Ozogul


B.S. in Curriculum and Instruction (Hacettepe University, Turkey), M.S. in Computer Education and Instructional Technology (Middle East Technical University, Turkey), Ph.D. in Educational Technology (Arizona State University), Post doctorate in Electrical Engineering (Arizona State University). Previously Assistant Research Professor in Electrical Engineering (ASU), Associate Director of Measurement and Evaluation (ASU), Research Manager (University of Phoenix), and Evaluation Consultant for Microsoft. Have experience both in academia and industry in evaluation, instructional design, research methods, multimedia design, feedback, problem solving, and teacher education, and expects to continue research in these areas.

2016-2017 Officers

Julia Juska | President


Julia Juska is a doctoral student in the Ph.D program. She is currently exploring coaching as technology professional development in elementary schools.  Before IU, Julia taught elementary school for four years.

Zuheir N. Khlaif | Co-Vice-President of Conference Planning


Zuheir Khlaif  is a Ph.D. student in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. He earned  M.S. in Instructional Design, Development, & Evaluation from Syracuse University, New York. He taught Integration technology in teaching at Annajah University, Palestine. He worked as instructional designer in non-profit organizations. He interested in designing interactive online courses by using several tools such as Storyline, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Captivate. His research focuses on the developing instructional design framework for mobile learning, mobile games, and online instructional design and development.

Haesol Bae | Co-Vice-President of Conference Planning


Haesol Bae is a doctoral student in the phD program. Her current research is focused on learner-centered learning, learning through problem-solving, and project based learning with using technology in K-12 settings. Prior to moving to IU, she was an English head teacher in Seoul, Korea for 4 years and also she worked at English government program as a teacher trainer for native English teachers. Currently she is a research assistant for a PBL-tech team.

Hamid Nadiruzzaman | Vice-President of Social and Professional Development


Hamid Nadir is a 3rd year Ph.D student in IST. His research interests are design problem solving, computational thinking, technology integration, PBL, and CSCL. He is currently working as an instructional consultant in School of Education. In the past, he had worked as an associate instructor and a public school teacher.  He likes sports and enjoys outdoors.

Merve Basdogan | Vice-President of Communication and Distance Coordinator


Merve Basdogan is a second year doctoral student in the IST program at Indiana University. She earned her undergraduate degree and master’s degree in Computer Education and Instructional Technologies department at Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey. Online education and integration of technology into adult education are the main interest areas of her. Prior to coming Indiana University, she spent one year as a quality expert in a private educational content developer company and also worked as a research assistant at a Continuing Education Center. Currently, she is the associate instructor for an undergraduate education course.

Annisa Sari | Treasurer 


Annisa Sari is a second year doctoral student in IST. Prior coming to IU, she worked as a lecturer at Yogyakarta State University in Indonesia. She holds a bachelor degree in Accounting Education and a master’s degree in IST. Her research interests include online learning, hybrid learning, and technology integration into the classroom specifically related to Accounting/Economics subjects.

Meina Zhu | Parliamentarian 

Meina Zhu

Meina Zhu is a second-year doctoral student in the Instructional Systems Technology (IST) program. She holds a master’s degree in Educational Technology from Beijing Normal University in China. Prior to coming to IU, she worked at Beijing Foreign Studies University in China for four years. Currently, she is interested in online instructional design, open education and mobile learning.

Michael Karlin | Past-President

2015-08-02 14_56_51-Photo of me professional picture - Windows Photo Viewer

Michael Karlin is a doctoral student in the Ph.D program. His current research is focused on improving technology-related professional development in K-12 schools.  Prior to joining the IST team at IU, Michael spent 7 years as a classroom teacher in Kansas, Korea, and Colombia.  He has worked with students of all ages and taught biology, general science, English, and computer science.  Currently he is also the associate instructor for several undergraduate education courses.


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