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Student Academic Appointment Application

INSTRUCTIONS: This is to be completed by all SPH (new or currently enrolled) students interested in a Student Academic Appointment.  Positions include:

For second year support in Applied Health Science and Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies:  They seldom offer reappointments for master’s degree students after one academic year. Please see the department if you have any questions.

For second year support in the Department of Kinesiology: Once you complete this application, there are additional questions to complete. Please follow this link: and follow the directions.

All domestic students must fill out the FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Indicate if you have submitted the FAFSA form:
If no, reason why:
Indicate the academic year you are applying for:
Indicate the semester you will be applying for: If interested in summer, contact the department.
Student ID Number:
First Name:
Last Name:

Indicate the Address You Would Like the Assistantship Information Sent to:

(Should you have a change of address email

Zip Code:
Email Address: Please note: We will use this email to send you preliminary information about any assistantship offer.

Your Current Major Degree Program

Degree Level: Masters Doctoral
Degree Program:
Indicate if you are applying for a specific departmental position or if you are interested in obtaining a different position outside your degree program:

Indicate any certifications you have received and the year certified

First Aid Instructor:
CPR Instructor:
Emergency Medical Technician:

List any teaching experiences

College Level

Optional Attachments

  • Include first and last name in your file name.
  • File name must be less than 100 characters in length.
  • Only use Word or PDF file formats
  • File size is limited to 3MB
  • Only use alpha-numeric characters in your file name.
  • If you have a resume with the Graduate Application, please do not submit an additional resume here.

Attach Resume/Vita:

Note: Please make sure your application is filled out completely. You will not be able to edit this application once you submit it.