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Please use this form to register for Distance Education classes in the School of Public Health-Bloomington. If you encounter a problem while submitting this form, contact us by e-mail:

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Demographic Data

In this section, either a 10-digit Indiana University ID number or a U.S. Social Security number is desired. If you do not have either one, type the word "none" (without quotation marks) in the "IU ID or Soc Sec Number" field below.


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Courses numbered 100-499 are undergraduate level.
Courses numbered 500 and above are post-graduate level.

SPH-R 599 Master's Thesis, SPH-R 693 Independent Study & Research, and SPH-R 697 Internship, are offered each term for recreational therapy master's students. Please see your academic advisor to obtain authorization to take these courses.

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All selections are three credit hour courses.
Course Code (Section): Course Title (semester or session offered, delivery method, cost)

Educational History

Academic Transcripts: In the table below document your educational history by indicating the name of each institution (college and university) attended; degree received (if any); major field or fields of study; dates attended (from month/year and to month/year); and GPA earned. If you are currently enrolled in an academic program, indicate the month and yearyou expect to complete your studies; the degree you expect to earn (if any); and estimate your final GPA. Begin documenting your educational history with the most recently attended or current academic institution.

Academic Transcripts

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Complete the next two tables only if you claimed Indiana Residency. If claiming Indiana residency, please complete ALL blocks below. Failure to complete "Addresses" and "Employment" may result in a non-resident classification.

Addresses: In the table below, list the dates and addresses of the places where you have lived for the past five years.

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Employment: If you have been employed during the last twelve months, provide the information requested below.

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