School of Public Health

Effective for students matriculating Spring 2011 and later.


Students who have been admitted to Indiana University are eligible to be considered to the Sport Marketing and Management program in the School of Public Health-Bloomington by meeting the following requirements:

1. Completion of 40 credit hours of college course work that counts towards graduation. This course work may be completed at Indiana University or at another accredited institution offering comparable course work. The applicant must be in good academic standing.

2. Successful completion of the following five prerequisite courses:

Business A201 or A202 (P: A100 if taken on the BL or IUPUI campus)
Business L201 (P: Sophomore standing)
Economics E201 or E202
Mathematics M118 or A118, or both D116-D117, or M119

For the purposes of admission, the average of the grades earned in the prerequisite courses will be calculated. If a course is repeated, the highest grade will be used in the calculation. Grades in transferred prerequisite courses will not affect the overall IUB GPA calculation, but will be used in the calculation of prerequisite grades.

3. Submission of an application by the required deadline. FOR FALL 2014 ONLY, there is an application cycle. The deadline for applications is December 22, 2014. Any application received after that date will not be considered for the Fall 2014 cycle.

The undergraduate program currently has only one admission cycle per year. The deadline for applications is December 22, and all applications must be submitted online via the SPH web page. Students will be notified of admission status no later than February 15, 2015.

ALL grades for prerequisite work must be completed and appear on the studentís University transcript by the end of the semester of the studentís application. For instance, a student applying in December 2014 must have at least 40 completed credit hours, as well as have completed all prerequisite courses, by the end of Fall semester 2014. Students are limited to three attempts at program application during their undergraduate career at Indiana University.

4. Participation in the Sport Marketing and Management Orientation Program.After receiving an offer of admission, students are required to attend an orientation program at a time specified in the offer. Failure to attend this orientation program may cause the offer of admission to be withdrawn.

Applications will be viewed on an individual basis. Admission will be based on a variety of factors, including:

Approximately 50 students will be accepted into the Sport Marketing and Management program each year, depending on available space in the program and the quality of applicants. Most students apply midway through their sophomore year. The ideal applicant will have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher, as well as a prerequisite GPA of 2.8 or higher. Admission is highly competitive, and applicants should be advised that simply meeting minimum requirements for entry does not guarantee admission into the program.



Deadline for Application: December 22, 2014

First Name:

Middle Initial:

Last Name:

University Identification Number:

IU Address:

Address line 1:

Address line 2:




Permanent Address:

Address line 1:

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Current Telephone:

Permanent Telephone:

Email address:

If you are applying as a ‘second degree student’, please check this box:

Are you a current member of the IU Sport Marketing Alliance (IUSMA)? (check, if yes)

Students must complete FIVE prerequisite courses within their minimum total of 40 credit hours toward graduation prior to admission. Below, please check the appropriate box for courses completed, transferred from another school, or currently registered and actively taking:

Course Completed Transferred Current N/A
HPER P211 Introduction to Sport Management
ECON E201 Introduction to Microeconomics

ECON E202 Introduction to Macroeconomics

BUS L201 Legal Environment in Business
MATH M118 Finite Mathematics

MATH M119 Introduction to Calculus

BUS A201 Introduction to Financial Accounting

BUS A202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting

If you have taken courses outside of the IU system, you must request that an official transcript for any transfer course work be sent to the IUB Office of Admissions, 300 N. Jordan. While grades from other schools or universities are not included in your IU grade point average, transferred prerequisite courses WILL be included in the prerequisite course grade point average, as reviewed for admissions purposes.



Please provide a response in paragraph form to the questions below. Read the questions carefully, and be specific in your answers. The application evaluator(s) may ask for documentation and/or further context in regards to any information provided by you in these answers.

1. What type of work experiences, leadership activities, volunteer experiences, or other items have you undertaken that would give the admissions committee additional insight into your potential as a sport marketing and management major?

2. What are your career goals in the sport industry? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

3. Is there any information that you feel we should know about you, your experiences, or your scholastic career that would aid in considering your application?


Note: This question verifies that you are an actual person filling out this form.