Affiliated Faculty 

Yong Yeol Ahn Informatics More
Yasuko Akiyama  EALC More
Yingling Bao        EALC More
Christopher Beckwith CEUS More
Heather Blair  Religious Studies and EALC More
Phillip Bloom Art History More
Kevin Byon Public Health More
Youngjoo Cha Sociology More
Yoosoon Chang Economics More
Yea-Fen Chen EALC More
Yonjoo Cho Education More
MK Chin Kelley School of Business More
Michael Crandol EALC More
Stephanie De Boer Media School and EALC More
Sara Friedman Anthropology, Gender Studies, and EALC More
Rick Harbaugh Kelley, Economics, and EALC More
Ling-yu Hung Anthropology and EALC More
Sung-mi Im Jacobs School of Music More
Michael Ing    Religious Studies and EALC More
Minjeong Kang Media School More
Theresa Kang EASC More
Minjeong Kim Art and Design More
Kyungbin Kwon Education More
Jae Kook Lee Media School More
Wen-Ling Diana Liu Library More
Xiaoying Liles EALC More
Chien-Jer Charles Lin EALC More
Manling Luo EALC More
Ethan Michelson Sociology and EALC More
Misako Matsubara EALC More
Scott O'Bryan EALC and History More
Morten Oxenboell EALC More
Joon Park Economics More
Dong-chul Seo Public Health More
Edith Sarra  EALC More
Jonathan Schlesinger Hisory and EALC More
Roy Shin Professor Emeritus, School of Public and Environmental Affairs More
  Ameritech Research Scholar, Institute for Development Strategies  
  Special Adviser to the IU President on Global Partnerships  
Sunyoung Shin Second Language Studies More
Aaron Stalnaker  Religious Studies and EALC More
Marvin Sterling Anthropology and EALC More
Judith Stubbs Eskenazi Art Museum More
Henghua Su EALC More
Nozomi Tanaka EALC More
Natsuko Tsujimura EALC More
Sue Tuohy Folklore & Ethnomusicology and EALC More
Nick Vogt EALC More
Fei Hsien Wang History and EALC More
Ellen Wu History More
Tie Xiao EALC More
Sung-Un Yang Media School More
 John Yasuda  EALC More

Photo: Jamsil Apartment Buildings / John Finch

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