Mission Statement

The Institute for Korean Studies at Indiana University promotes interdisciplinary approaches to the understanding of Korea, on campus and beyond.  The Institute advances cultural fluency through providing programs for students, faculty, and the community, and expands public understanding of Korea. We examine the role of Korea and Koreans (including overseas Koreans) in the world. As part of SGIS, we put equal emphasis on cultural fluency and on applied social policy.

IKS carries out its mission by:

  • organizing colloquia, seminars, and lectures
  • hosting international academic conferences and meetings in partnership with other institutions
  • sponsoring research projects
  • providing a forum in which to discuss policies related to the Koreas.
  • hosting an Undergraduate Research Day
  • sponsoring Korean film week and planning showings of Korean films at the IU Cinema
  • organizing cultural events for the campus community and the public
  • creating study materials and textbooks on Korean studies
  • contributing to the expansion of the University's Korea-related library collections.
  • promoting all aspects of Korean studies.

Photo: Waterfall in Chonggyecheon park/ John Finch

Questions? Email iks@indiana.edu