EEG Faculty

bbertent Bennett Bertenthal

James H. Rudy Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences | faculty profile

office: PY 371 | (812)856-0958

lab: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
PY A124

Perceptual, motor, and cognitive development; Action observation and execution; Perception of biological motion; Implicit and explicit knowledge

busey Thomas Busey

Associate Department Chair | faculty profile | personal website

office: PY 330 | (812)855-4261

lab: Visual Perception and Electrophysiological Lab
PY 291 | (812)855-5649

Visual perception; recognition memory; face recognition EEG analysis of face and object perception; mathematical modeling techniques applied to above domains

whetrick William Hetrick

Department Chair | faculty profile

office: PY 126 | (812)855-2620

lab: Psychopathology & Neuropsychometry

LabPY A208 | (812)855-5025

Cognitive neuroscience of schizophrenia and related psychological disorders; Clinical translational psychopathology approaches to understanding risk factors and “illness” mechanisms using both human and animal models; Temporal processing, cerebellar function, and brain micro-state measures of cognitive discoordination; Methods utilized in the lab include fMRI, EEG, ERPs, rTMS, EMG, and clinical-neuropsychological assessment.

bodonnel Brian O’Donnell

Professor | faculty profile

office: PY 150 | (812)856-4164

lab: PY A204 | (812)856-4676

Event-related potential abnormalities in schizophrenia and related disorders; disturbances of early stage vision in schizophrenia and affective disorders; event-related potentials and risk for alcoholism

potter Rob Potter

Associate Professor | faculty profile | personal website

Radio-TV Center, Room 305

(812) 856-2546

Impact of auditory elements on information processing of media, psychophysiological measures as indicators of cognitive and emotional responses to media, and the concept of advertising clutter and its influence on information processing.

ainapuce Aina Puce

Eleanor Cox Riggs Professor | faculty profile

office: PY 144 | (812)856-0417

lab: Social Neuroscience Lab (EEG/TMS)

PY 189 / 190 | (812)856-2518

Social cognition; nonverbal communication; multisensor processing; functional MRI; electroencephalography; eye tracking; transcranial magnetic stimulation