MRI Faculty

jwmbrown Joshua BrownAssociate Professor | faculty profile

office: PY 336 | (812)855-9282

lab: Cognitive Control Lab

PY A216 | (812)856-1846

Develop computational models of brain circuitry involved in cognitive control; test computational model predictions with fMRI; investigate the neural bases of cognitive impairment in psychopathology, especially substance abuse and schizophrenia, using fMRI and computational modeling

hu Hu ChengSenior Scientist & Physicist, Imaging Research Facility | faculty profile

office: PY 161A | (812)856-2518

lab: PY 161 | (812)856-3723

Artifact reduction for functional MRI; spatial-tempo characteristics of fMRI signal; parallel imaging; ultra-fast imaging techniques

finnp Peter FinnProfessor | faculty profile

office: PY 156 | (812)855-9548

lab: Biobehavioral Alcohol Research Laboratory

PY 235 | (812)855-7798

Cognitive and motivational processes in substance abuse and dependence; decision-making; working memory; and self-regulatory processes that contribute to behavioral disinhibition and personality-risk for substance abuse

Web Franco Pestilli
Assistant Professor | personal website


White-matter, microstructure, anatomy and brain tracts. Tractogrpahy. Computational modeling of human behavior and brain activity. Psychophyscis of visual perception and reading. Behavioral and brain mechanisms of motivation and attention.

whetrick William HetrickProfessor
Department Chair | faculty profile

office: PY 126 | (812)855-2620

lab: Psychopathology & Neuropsychometry Lab

PY A208 | (812)855-5025

Cognitive neuroscience of schizophrenia and related psychological disorders; Clinical translational psychopathology approaches to understanding risk factors and “illness” mechanisms using both human and animal models; Temporal processing, cerebellar function, and brain micro-state measures of cognitive discoordination; Methods utilized in the lab include fMRI, EEG, ERPs, rTMS, EMG, and clinical-neuropsychological assessment.

khjames Karin JamesAssociate Professor | faculty profile

office: PY 154 | (812)856-0659

lab: Cognition and Action Neuroimaging Lab

PY A104 | (812)856-7237


Developmental cognitive neuroscience; educational cognitive neuroscience; specifically the effects of self-generated actions on cognitive processes during development, with a particular emphasis on the development of writing, reading, mathematical skills and perceptual expertise in preschool children.

thwjames Thomas JamesAssociate Professor | faculty profile | personal website

office: PY 158 | (812)856-0841

lab: Perception and Neuroimaging Lab

PY 293 | (812)856-1926

Visual and haptic perception; object recognition; cross-sensory integration; priming and adaptation; functional neuroimaging

dpk Dan KennedyAssistant Professor | faculty profile

office: PY367 | (812)855-1169

Social neuroscience; autism spectrum disorders; social perception; eye tracking; brain connectivity; functional MRI

akrendl Anne KrendlAssistant Professor | faculty profile

office: PY 363

lab: Neuroscience of Mind and Behavior Lab

PY 398 | (812)856-8007

Social neuroscience; social cognition & aging; impression formation; stigma; stereotyping & prejudice; stereotype threat; functional MRI

 Laura-Murray-pic_lg Laura MurrayAssociate Professor | Faculty Profile

lab: Adult Cognition and Language Lab

(812) 855-0666

Current projects compare dual-task performances of adults with aphasia and adults with right hemisphere brain damage to examine whether side of lesion or brain damage in general is most detrimental to attentional skills and to associations between attention and language processes, and to determine if certain language abilities are more vulnerable to the effects of concomitant attention deficits.

sdnewman2 Sharlene NewmanAssociate Professor

Director of Imaging Research Facility | faculty profile

office: PY 362 | (812)856-0839

lab: Cognitive NeuroImaging Lab

PY 289 | (812)856-1776

fMRI of language processes, problem-solving and planning

nosofsky Robert NosofskyDistinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences | faculty profile | personal website

office: PY 342 | (812)855-2534

lab: Categorization and Memory Lab

PY 240 | (812)855-8416

bodonnel Brian O’DonnellProfessor | faculty profile

office: PY 150 | (812)856-4164

lab: PY A204 | (812)856-4676

Event-related potential abnormalities in schizophrenia and related disorders; disturbances of early stage vision in schizophrenia and affective disorders; event-related potentials and risk for alcoholism

nport Nicholas PortProfessor | personal website

office: 800 E. Atwater Ave | (812)856-0124

The visual-saccadic system as a model for how the nervous system processes sensory information and produces action; neurophysiology of vision; mathematical models of information processing and decision-making.

ainapuce Aina PuceEleanor Cox Riggs Professor | faculty profile

office: PY 144 | (812)856-0417

lab: Social Neuroscience Lab (EEG/TMS)

PY 189 / 190 | (812)856-2518

Social cognition; nonverbal communication; multisensor processing; functional MRI; electroencephalography; eye tracking; transcranial magnetic stimulation

osporns Olaf SpornsProvost Professor | faculty profile

office: PY 360 | (812)855-2772

lab: Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

PY A308 | (812)856-5986

Computational and cognitive neuroscience; functional integration and binding in the cortex; neural models of perception and action; network structure and dynamics; applications of information theory to the brain; embodied cognitive science; robotics