MRI scanner usage rates are as follows:

User type Peak Time Off-peak Time
IU user $500 $300
Non IU user $800 $600


Peak Time: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and includes the assistance of an MR technologist.  Off-peak requires that the investigator be a trained MRI Operator. An online booking system exists for the MRI scanner and mock MRI scanners.

Fees are calculated based on half hour usage.  Users are not billed if there is an equipment malfunction or if the participant is ineligible to participant in the study (e.g., they are claustrophobic, or have metal implants that can be harmful during MR scanning).

IUB users are billed monthly. Before a study is initiated users are required to provide an account number in which to bill.  At the end of each month users are given monthly usage totals which are compiled by the MRI technicians.  They are approved by the user and then their account is billed by the Finance Office in Psychological and Brain Sciences. Usage rates for MRI scanner use have previously been approved by the Finance Office for the College of the Arts and Sciences.

For users outside the university, a similar service is offered, but for a raised fee. An imaging study is set-up following IU IRB approval. Users will be given monthly usage totals, and be invoiced by the Finance Office in Psychological and Brain Sciences.

No user fees are charged by usage of the mock MRI scanner.


EEG/TMS Laboratory usage:

There is a $50/hour user fee  charged for lab usage that can be booked via an online booking system. This fee covers the costs of supplies for running EEG studies, which include potassium chloride electrode and baby shampoo, as well as assistance from the technologist.

Users who are applying for extramural funding are expected to replace EEG sensor caps, that need to periodically be replaced due to wear and tear. New cap costs range from $2500-$3500 depending on the size and number of sensors.