Scan Credits

Brain Scan Credit Program

The Imaging Research Facility is dedicated to expanding the scope of human neuroscience research at IU Bloomington. To that end, the IRF has developed the Brain Scan Credit program to allow researchers at IU Bloomington to use the facility to pursue MRI- and EEG-based research projects. The Brain Scan Credit program is open to faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and advanced undergraduates.

Application Process:

Application submission, evaluation, and progress reporting will be administered through IRF Scan Credit Committee.

The chair of that committee is Rob Potter, who may be contacted with questions about how to proceed(

Applicants typically give an ORAL presentation describing the proposed research to the IRF Research Group prior to submitting a written scan credit proposal.

Please schedule those oral presentations through Dr. Sharlene Newman (


For detailed instructions on how to apply as well as the necessary forms please click here.