Judith with the Head of Holofernes

Antiveduto Gramatica (Italian, 1571–1626)
Judith with the Head of Holofernes, ca. 1620–1625

Oil on canvas


ca. 1625, Acquired by Giacomo Bosio, probably from the artist

ca. 1625–1627, Collection of Giacomo Bosio (d. 1627), Rome

1627–?, Collection of Antonio Ottone, Rome (by inheritance from Bosio; Antonio was Bosio's nephew, the son of Bosio's brother Giovanni Bosio)

November 15–17, 1990, Sale, "Moderne Graphik, Gemälde des 17.–19. Jh., Sammlung ungefasser Edelsteine, Ambanduhren, Silber, Kunst des. 20. Jh. Schmuck," Eberhart Auktionen, Zürich. Purchased by Philip Riedl.

1990-ca. 1998, Galerie Philipp Riedl, Munich

2003, Eckart Lingenauber, dealer, Monaco

2003, IU Art Museum purchased from Eckart Lingenauber

Catalogue Raisonné

Papi, Gianni. Antiveduto Gramatica. Soncino: Edizioni dei Soncino, 1995.

Riedl, Helmut Philipp. Antiveduto della Grammatica (1570/71–1626): Leben und Werk. Munich: Deutscher Kunstverlag, 1998.

Alternate Titles

Judith with Holofernes' Head and the Sword

Una Judith di mano di Antiveduto con cornice (from the February 1627 inventory of Giacomo Bosio's collection)


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