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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

1) Name of Applicant (first) (middle initial) (last)
2) Gender
3) University ID #
4) IU e-mail address
5) Year in School
6) Majors and GPAs for Major (At least one major is required. To calculate your major GPA, please consult your academic advisor. If you do not have a major GPA, then just enter your intended major followed by NA) #1: .
#2: .
7) Cumulative IU GPA (exactly as it appears on your transcript; do not round up) .
8) Destination
 City Country
9) Departure Date (Month) (Day) (Year)
10) Purpose credit
11) # of IU credits you will be receiving
12) Total time abroad
13) Year going abroad
14) Term going abroad
15) Program Administrator

16) Hutton Honors College funding:
a) List all of the Hutton Honors College Grants that you have received previously.
(include date and type)
b) Have you applied or will you apply for any other Hutton Honors College grants for your time abroad? Please explain.

17) List by name other HIEP scholarships for which you are eligible
(Click here to review our named scholarship options):

18) Local Address:
(Street, building)
(State) (5-digit ZIP code)
19) Permanent Address:
Home Country
(Street, building)
(State/Province) (ZIP code)

20) Expected Date of Graduation
Note: your trip must be completed before your graduation date!
21) Are you a member of the Hutton Honors College? Yes No
22) If so, when were you admitted?
23) Are you in the Hudson & Holland Scholars Program? Yes No
24) Are you a LAMP student? Yes No

25) Faculty Recommender:
(for checklist 1 only: Do NOT list a recommender...instead, just enter 'N/A' )
for checklist 2 & 3: Please verify your recommender's IU status here. It must say 'Faculty' under 'Affiliation'

26) What is the budget for your overseas experience?
(Include travel costs, tuition, other program costs and living expenses.)

27) Scholarship Support: Please answer all of the following questions:
a) Are you receiving funding from the Wells Scholars Program or Kelley Scholars Program?
b) Are you a Herbert Presidential Scholar?
c) Are you receiving the Pell Promise Grant and/or the 21st Century Scholars Covenant?

28) Essay Section:
In a 400-500 word essay, please describe your travel plans by answering the following:
How will your proposed international experience contribute to your academic growth? Your professional growth? Your personal growth? End your essay with a word count.