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Indiana University Bloomington

Michihiro Nagao

Michihiro Nagao Research Scientist
Soft Condensed Matter (Experimental)

B.A., Hiroshima University, 1994
M.A., Hiroshima University, 1996
Ph.D., University of Tokyo, 2001
Research Associate at University of Tokyo
Staff Scientist at Indiana University

QENS Experiment on AMATERAS, J-PARC (Oct., 2012)
Office: NIST
Phone: (301) 975-5505
Email: mnagao at

Personal website
Group Webpage

My interests are in neutron and x-ray scattering studies of soft condensed matter systems, especially mechanisms of self-assembling and the static and dynamics properties of bio-material, membrane, and polymer complex systems. I am stationed at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at Gaithersburg, MD, as one of instrumetal scientists of Neutron Spin Echo spectrometer. The technique is suitable to measure materials dynamics in nm and ns scales.

Selected Publications

  • "Heterogeneous Slow Dynamics of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids Studied by Neutron Spin Echo" M. Kofu, M. Nagao, T. Ueki, Y. Kitazawa, Y. Nakamura, S. Sawamura, M. Watanabe, and O. Yamamuro, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117, 2773 (2013).
  • "Lipid bilayers and membrane dynamics: Insight into thickness fluctuations" A.C. Woodka, P.D. Butler L. Porcar, B. Farago, and M. Nagao, Physical Review Letters 109, 058102 (2012).
  • "Temperature and scattering contrast dependencies of thickness fluctuations in surfactant membranes" M. Nagao, Journal of Chemical Physics 135, 074704 (2011).
  • "Interlayer distance dependence of thickness fluctuations in a swollen lamellar phase" M. Nagao, S Chawang, and T. Hawa, Soft Matter 7, 6598 (2011).
  • "2D-Ising like critical behavior in mixtures of water and 3-methylpyridine including antagonistic salt or ionic surfactant" K. Sadakane, N. Iguchi, M. Nagao, H. Endo, Y.B. Melnichenko, and H. Seto, Soft Matter 7, 1334 (2011).
  • "Observation of local thickness fluctuations in surfactant membranes using neutron spin echo" M. Nagao, Physical Review E 80, 031606 (2009).
  • "Evaluation of Incoherent Scattering Intensity by Transmission and Sample Thickness" M. Shibayama, T. Matsunaga, and M. Nagao, Journal of Applied Crystallography 42, 621 (2009).
  • "Bending elasticity of saturated and monounsaturated phospholipid membranes studied by neutron spin echo technique" Z. Yi, M. Nagao, and D.P. Bossev, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21, 155104 (2009).
  • "Concentration dependence of shape and structure fluctuations of droplet microemulsion investigated by neutron spin echo spectroscopy" M. Nagao and H. Seto, Physical Review E 78, 011507 (2008).
  • "Interaction between droplets in a ternary microemulsion evaluated by the relative form factor method" M. Nagao, H. Seto, and N.L. Yamada, Physical Review E 75, 061401 (2007).
  • "Dynamics of deuterated polysteyrene-protonated butadiene diblock copolymer micelles by neutron spin-echo" T. Kanaya, M. Monkenbusch, H. Watanabe, M. Nagao, and D. Richter, Journal of Chemical Physics 122, 144905 (2005).
  • "SANS study on pressure-induced phase separataion of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) aqueous solutions and gels" M. Shibayama, K. Isono, S. Okabe, T. Karino, and M. Nagao, Macromolecules 37, 2909 (2004).
  • "Temperature and pressure effects on the bending modulus of monolayers in a ternary microemulsion" Y. Kawabata, M. Nagao, H. Seto, S. Komura, T. Takeda, D. Schwahn, N.L. Yamada, and H. Nobutou, Physical Review Letters 92, 056103 (2004).
  • "A small angle neutron scattering study of a pressure-induced phase transition in a ternary microemulsion composed of AOT, D2O and n-decane" M. Nagao and H. Seto, Physical Review E 59, 3169 (1999).