1. Rhetoric’s Affect/Affect’s Rhetoric, Josh Gunn and Jenny Rice
  2. Rhetoric and the New Materialisms, Diane Davis and Thomas Rickert
  3. Digital Rhetoric Behind & Beyond the Screen, Jim Brown, Casey Boyle and Steph Ceraso
  4. The Rhetorical Spaces of Memory: Memorials, Cities, and Civic Life, Carole Blair and Greg Dickinson
  5. (Re)signing the Racial Contract: Black Rhetoric and the Politics of Racial Resistance and Redemption, Mark McPhail and Keith Miller
  6. In/Visible Bodies, Vulnerabilities, and Human Rights, Wendy Hesford and Wendy Kozol
  7. The “Rhetorical Presidency” in the Post-Cold War Era, John Murphy and Mary Stuckey
  8. Queer Archival Immersion: Rhetoric, Performance, Pedagogy, and Politics at the Kinsey Institute, E. Cram, Charles Morris, Eric Darnell Pritchard, K.J. Rawson and Jennifer Tyburczy