1. Animal Rhetorics, Alex C. Parrish and Emily Plec.
  2. Argumentation Theory, Research, and Pedagogy, David Zarefsky
  3. Computational Rhetoric: Exploring Possibilities, Limits, & Applications, William Hart-Davidson and Ryan Ormizo
  4. Decolonizing Rhetoric for the 21st Century, Aimee Carrillo Rowe and Darrel Wanzer-Serrano
  5. Disability at the Intersections, Amy Vidali and Stephanie Kerschbaum
  6. Doing Law and Rhetoric, Anjali Vats and Peter Campbell
  7. Environmental Rhetoric in a Material World, Bridie McGreavy, University of Maine and Stephen Depoe, University of Cincinnati
  8. Play, Humor, and Rhetoric, Jonathon Rossing
  9. Invention and (Post/Anti/Trans/Non)Humanism, John Muckelbauer and Kendall Phillips
  10. Moving Pictures: Cinematic Rhetoric and Social Movement, Claire Sisco King and Kristen Hoerl
  11. The Rest of the World: Recognizing Non-Western Rhetorical Traditions, Arabella Lyon and LuMing Mao
  12. Rhetorical Archives/Archival Rhetorics, Jenell Johnson and Christa Olson
  13. Rhetoric and Civic Life: A Case Study in Integrated Communication, Debra Hawhee
  14. Rhetoric and Desire, James Kastely
  15. Rhetorics of Scientific Objects, John Lynch and Lisa DeTora
  16. Rhetoric, Sport, and the Political, Michael Butterworth and Daniel A. Grano
  17. Rhetoric/Violence, Nathan Stormer and Davi Thornton
  18. Sonic Rhetorics, Byron Hawk and Jonathon Alexander
  19. Textual Criticism, Jim Jasinski
  20. Writing (Rhetorical) Histories, Cheryl Glenn and Jessica Enoch

Professional Development Workshops

  1. Academic Publishing in Rhetorical Studies, Barbara Biesecker and Susan C. Jarratt
  2. From Dissertation to Book, Jeff Bennett and Isaac West