A new service

Perhaps you've already used WebACH for making bursar account payments from your personal checking account, but now you have more options through our new QuikPAYTM web payment site....

QuikPAYTM offers more payment options and flexibility.  With QuikPAYTM you can:

  • Make payments to your bursar account from your personal checking account or savings account...and more...
  • Create Authorized Payers who can then use a unique usercode/password combination that you assign.  Once authenticated, Authorized Payers can make payments directly to your bursar account.  This could be used for spouses, parents, or even employers and allows each to setup their own confidential checking account information.  (Checking account information for each Authorized Payer is viewable only by that individual).
  • Receive e-mail notifications when new bills have been sent to your QuikPAYTM account, or a payment has been made by an Authorized Payer.
  • View history of all payments made - by whom, how much, and when.
  • View history of billing statements as your billing history file develops over time.

Note: The Office of the Bursar staff does not have access to your confidential banking information.

We hope you enjoy these new payment features