Scholarship Opportunities

In 2019 all 65 students accepted to X429 will be eligible for an IU scholarship of $500 to $2,500. The exact scholarship amount will be based on academic merit.

Complete your X429 application by December 1, 2018 to have the best chance for a larger scholarship

Other Scholarship opportunities

Below is a link to additional, non-IU resources for field camp scholarships. Please note that the general timeframe for application deadlines is listed; please look at the webpage for each scholarship to find the specific due date for any given year.

Also note that membership in some of the relevant societies is required to apply for the scholarships; please don’t wait until the last minute to research these scholarships and their requirements.


About the IU scholarships

anadarko petroleum scholarships

It is the intent of the Donor, and the Foundation agrees, that this gift be used to support undergraduate scholarships for students who have been accepted to attend a summer field geoscience course offered by the Department at the Judson Mead Geologic Field Station. The recipients will be students who have records of academic merit, as defined by the selection committee, and who best meet the enrollment goals of the Field Station, as determined by the selection committee. The number, amount, and recipient(s) of the Scholarship will be determined by the Scholarship Committee of the Field Station in collaboration with the chairperson of the Department, in accordance with guidelines and procedures established by the College, Indiana University and the Foundation. A letter of recommendation is required; this can be the same letter used as part of the course application process.

class of 2013 katharine e. compton memorial field station scholarship

The IUGFS Class of 2013 and Compton family established an endowment in memory of Katharine E. Compton, an enthusiastic young woman with a profound interest in field geology. This scholarship will be awarded to students on the basis of scholarship and citizenship. The recipients’ application should provide evidence of their campus and community involvement, leadership qualities and academic preparedness. The funds are to be used to provide one or more scholarships, to be awarded to a student attending G429.

Recipients of this scholarship are encouraged to provide a letter to the Compton family with an account of their experience at the field station.

charles deiss memorial fund

The Charles Deiss Memorial Scholarship was established in 1960, by friends and associates of Dr. Deiss to honor his memory and his vision in creating the Indiana University Geologic Field Station. During his tenure at Indiana University from 1945-59, Dr. Deiss was the director of the Field Station, Department Chair, and State Geologist. Recipients are not required to be students at Indiana University.

judson mead field station fund

This account is to be used to support students, faculty research at the field station, travel expenses for students, visiting faculty and scientists, and the purchase of supplies and equipment when needed. These funds are awarded at the discretion of the Chair and Director.

george m. nevers memorial field station scholarship

The George M. Nevers Memorial Field Station Scholarship was established by William R. Kersten and Timothy K. Driggers to honor the memory of their dear friend Dr. George M. Nevers and his love of the Judson Mead Geologic Field Station. Dr. Nevers earned his MA at Indiana University in 1957, attended field camp in 1956 and is remembered as "being a great leader, wonderful person and even better friend." Recipients are not required to be students at Indiana University, but preference will be given to those students who are degree seeking at Indiana University.

scott and allyson tinker scholarship

The Scott and Allyson Tinker Scholarship was established to honor Dr. Scott Tinker’s Trinity University professors Ed Roy, Walt Coppinger and Bob Freed; and Dr. Lee Suttner, Indiana University and to aid in the future training of geologists. Dr. Tinker attended field camp in the summer of 1981 while completing his undergraduate degree at Trinity University. Preference will be given to Trinity University students who meet the academic guidelines and admission criteria for summer field study at the Judson Mead Geologic Field Station.


In recognition of the fundamental importance of experiential, field-based learning in the development of a professional geologist/geophysicist, ConocoPhillips generously donated funds to sponsor students attending the Indiana University EAS X429 field course. One stipulation of these scholarships is that the recipients must agree to provide written documentation outlining their field camp experience and how this award helped make it possible. The award is based solely upon academic merit and professional promise and requires one letter of recommendation (this can be the same letter used as part of the course application process).

leon - iugfs excellence in field geology scholarship

Established in recognition of the long-standing emphasis on critical geologic thinking, problem-solving, synthesis, and decision-making that is at the core of the globally recognized IUGFS program. Donors established this scholarship in 2016 to assist in the development of future geoscientists through immersive geologic field experiences at the Field Station.

klusman family scholarship

This gift supports an annual scholarship for an undergraduate or graduate student who has been accepted and enrolled in summer geologic field courses at the IU Judson Mead Geologic Field Station. The recipient is not required to be a full-time IU student so long as he/she meets the enrollment goals and admission standards for the field station. The recipient will be a student who best exhibits the potential to perform exceptionally well in a rigorous field geology course as determined by the field station leadership. No minimum GPA is required and demonstrated financial need is not necessary. The recipient of the Scholarship will be determined by the Scholarship Committee of the field station in accordance with guidelines and procedures established by the College, Indiana University, and the Foundation.

charles j. vitaliano grant-in-aid

The Charles J. Vitaliano Grant-In-Aid is in honor of Dr. Charles J. Vitaliano, a former member of the Indiana University Department of Geological Sciences and the Judson Mead Geologic Field Station. It is meant to recognize his important contributions to the creation of the teaching and research programs at the Field Station as well as his undying love for field Geology. Preference will be given to students who will reside, in part, at the Station, where they will be provided free room and board. All publications resulting from the work must acknowledge the Charles J. Vitaliano endowment as the source of the grant-in-aid, and grant recipients must use the Field Station as their address on their publications. Apply for the Vitaliano scholarship

Award recipients

Archives, 2000-2010 (PDF)

Anadarko Petroleum Scholarship: John Baer, Alana Basso, Autumn Helfrich, Samantha Khatri, John Mangan IV, Samantha McComb, Olivia Moehl, Benjamin Pummell, Sophie Silver, Gwen Sullivan, Hannah Teffeteller, Jenna Wollney
IUGFS Class of 2013 Katharine E. Compton Memorial Fund: Caroline Bedwell, Maeve Bowdish, Hannah Perry, Jennifer Souza
ConocoPhillips Scholarship: Ian Armstrong, Cai Hong, William Mackie, Melissa Sherman, Ross Tepe
Charles Deiss Scholarship: James Atterholt, Tori Moore
Klusman Family Scholarship: Christopher Calvelage, Travis Hobbs
Leon - IUGFS Excellence in Field Geology Scholarship: Jack Fekete, David Ray
Judson Mead Scholarship: Nathanial Dulaney, Jared Eslick, Stephanie Evans, Kathryn Evans, Derreck Gossett, Tyler Hicks, Brayton Pew, Katrina Poling, Tiernan Posse
George M. Nevers Memorial: Rachel Miller
Scott and Allyson Tinker Scholarship: Michael Greenfield

Charles Deiss Scholarship: Chris FitzGerald
Anadarko Scholarships: Alaina Hickey, William Kersey, Natalie Wigger, Naomi Rodgers, Robert McDaniel, Alexandre Golden, Melissa Mulford, Max Price, Jon Golla, Alison Bowman, Austin Neaville, Meredith Baker, Alex Schnassburger
ConocoPhillips Scholarship: Andrew Oberhelman, Erin Levesque, Jane Pfeiffer, Lucas Peters, Grace Stone
Scott and Allyson Tinker Scholarship: Rory Trimble
IUGFS Class of 2013 Katharine E. Compton Memorial Fund: Melinda Home
George M. Nevers Memorial: Johann Villalvir
Leon - IUGFS Excellence in Field Geology Scholarship: Hanah Sloan, Angelica Calderon

Charles Deiss Scholarship: Alexander Beyl
Anadarko Scholarships: Jeremy Fontaine, Reilly Hayes, Brandon Keough, Ciara Mills, Bea Sheffer, Chloe Stanton, Emily Thorpe, Joshus Szall, Sophie Westacott, Rachel Welch, Melissa Lowe, Dan Lammie, Emma Rosenthal, Heather Upin, Jessica Chang, Madi Wewer, Evan Gross
Judson Mead Scholarship: Heather Simpson, Amelia Nelson, Dalton McCaffrey, Alex McLean, Sam Schreiner, Sara Stotter, Steven Lopes, Eric Hirshfeld, Nicholas Rolstad, Ben Eppley, Stacy Hendricks, Kaitlin Tanel, Lauryn Yevincy, Isabelle Bristol, Peter L. Baker, Charlie Newman-Johnson, Brandon Carreno, Ashley Cocciadiferro, Autumn Skye Murray, Jake Swanson, Dustin Shockley, Eric Schurr, Katie Makowski, Grant Rogers, Nathan Bailey, Jason Leasor, Chris Sammons, Tim O’Leary, Kenneth Ray, James Urban, Emily Austin, Mitch Latta, Barritt Bentley, Matt Torres, Glann Loriaus, Nic Downton
Scott and Allyson Tinker Scholarship: Alli Love
IUGFS Class of 2013 Katharine E. Compton Memorial Fund: Grace Carlson
George M. Nevers Memorial: Margaret Holahan

Charles Deiss Scholarship: Allison Fox
ConocoPhillips Scholarships: Chris Helou, Bryan Wathen, Lydia Loopesko, Zack Burton, Collin Lambert, Jacob Gardner, Erica Rubino, Dillon Osleger, Nicholas Turner, Agustina Gontaruk, Nora Loughlin, Liz Webber-Bruya
Anadarko Scholarships: Aaron Stubblefield, Gavin Piccione, Emily Paine, Ashley Newman, Madison Hughes, Chris Gentile, Alex Koerber, Brittany Kirch, Hugh Harper, Mattie Reid, Ben Eppley, Michael Foust, Alex Bailey, Andy Stacey, Amanda Whaling, Jeremiah Mickey, Michael Lara
Judson Mead Scholarship: Nick Colaianne, Neal Turluck, Meg Toft, Jessica Soliz, Sarah McGuinnes, Dennis Large, Patrick Stovall, Catherine Goldberg, Dan Kelly, Dan Varns, Ariana Boyd, Vivien Broge, Ibukun Fariyike, Logan Englert, Courtney Hall, Patty Kostro, Mallory Nelson, Jordan Pelfrey, Ryan Primas, Anthoney Sico, Garrett Stewart, Dan Thew, Meghan Thompson, Kellie Corwin, Suzanne Mulligan, Steven Adams, Wade Costin, Stephen Alexander
Scott and Allyson Tinker Scholarship: Mae Cahill
Margaret C. and Anne Marie Kuzmitz Scholarship: Madison Bradley

Charles Deiss Scholarship: Michael Haluska, Tony Deng
ConocoPhillips Scholarships: Daniel Johnson, Allison Shackelton, Kate Grisi, Annie Dufficy, Alexander Valentine, Jana Hillenbrand, Travis Petersen, Jessica Ende, Rachel Tiner, Josiah Payne, Aaron Gross, Sam Alter
Anadarko Scholarships:Madeline Lewis, Leonard Berke, Jenna Graham, Katherine Shover, J.J. Munoz, James Wilson, Sarah George, Ryan Pastrana, Ben Ginter, Patrick Faha, Matt Warbritton, Josh Strassburger, Jim Mize, Ben Robinson, Elizabeth Webber-Bruya, Jessica Towell, Will Hoover
Judson Mead Scholarship: Veronica Biesiada, Kandice Estes, Allen Clements, Garrett Simpson, Nevin Kozik, Grady Olson, Tim Smith, C.J. Cornette, Cameron Penner-Ash, Chris Fulton, Shalane McCall, Oliva Ruiz, Evaristo Garcia, Megan Harris, Tyler Johnson, Jacob Olson, Melanie Barton, Matt Wanker, Ethan Smith, Dora Xu, Chelsea Krieg, Jeremy Eddy, Ira Griffith, Robert Rice, Courtney van Stolk, Nathan Baldwin, Courtney Bartlett, Chris Sammons
Scott and Allyson Tinker Scholarship: Tanner Bowersox

Charles Deiss Scholarship: Jacob van Wesenbeeck
ConocoPhillips Scholarships: Alissa Kotowski, Danny Morel, Phillip Conrad, Matthew Morriss, Elizabeth Home, Brooke Long, Dave Van Halen, John Talley, Matthew Teich, Lewis Mason, Matthew Shirley, Aaron Baer
Anadarko Scholarships:Anna Downey, Taylor Nilges, Tyler Hall, Chrystal Wespestad, Matt Gerlach, Tim Kiesel, Joe Biasi, Kate Lowe, Brandon Holzbauer-Schweitzer, Nicole Terrell, Megan Kjelland, Garrett Harris, Blake Titcomb, Gina Medley, Colin Deakin, Jenna Kaplan
Judson Mead Scholarship: Carley Gasaway, Jay Burnham, Ben Kolter, Eric Moore, Drew Redifer, Mario Mata, Nolan Graves, Ryan Keenan, Adam Widmer, Ashley Boyd, Oliver Wittman

Charles Deiss Scholarship: Christopher Aucoin, Bradley Lufkin
ConocoPhillips Scholarships: Lisa Andresky, Kyle Broach, Robert Holder, Jeffrey Ladderud, Kendra Lynn, Jeremy Maurer, Kristen Schmeisser, Emily Stewart, Jared Swihart,Donald Tripp, Rebecca Vanderleest, Erin Wagner
Scott and Allyson Tinker Scholarship: Mallory Schreier
Judson Mead Scholarship: Ashley Ball, Jaren Barkey, Maria Bengert, Travis Brizendine, Jeffery Brown, Caitlyn Cooper, Travis Courtney, Isabella Cross-Najafi, Erin Donaghy, Robert Evans, Benjamin Farcy, Jacob Franklin, Cassie Geraghty, Pai Han, Michael Harrison, Jessica Heighton, Katherine Moore, Maura O’Brien, Julia Pigott, Rebecca Rice, Casey Ricks, Colin Rodkey, Leah Sabbeth, Emily Schultz, Elizabeth Sherrill, Alexandra Szymanski, Marc Thierry, Bradley Thomas, Nathan Vavro, Ryan Voegerl, Ryan Wells, Bradley West, John Young

Charles Deiss Scholarship:Candace Kairies, Rachel Irvine, Amir Kuvanyshev
ConocoPhillips Scholarships: Erin Adams, Douglas Buren, Elizabeth Collins, Cindy Colon, Brian Connolly, Sarah Gregory, Joshua Pawlicki, James Wallace
Judson Mead Scholarship: Jane Block, James Bridgeman, Jeffery Brown, Jonathan Buening, Lindsay Cameron, Laura Carter, Brenton Chentnik, Adam Farrell, Kathleen Flanagan, Cora Gannaway, Laura Gerson, Hind Ghanem, Katelan Gritten, Aryn Hoge, Christopher Holland, Haleigh Howe, Matthew Jackson, Colleen Klockow, Melissa LoFaso, Caleb Lucy, James McCarthy, Gerasimos Michalitsianos, Tyler Pietrykowski, Julia Pigott, Meridith Ramsey, Casey Ricks, Jacob Rowland, Michael Sekigahama, Iliya Smithka, Ronald Steiner, John Swartz, Tyler Szwarc, Daniel Topp, Martin Verbus, Kathleen Wilson, Doug Wolfinger, Marcella Yant, Justin Zabrecky

contact information

department of earth and atmospheric sciences
indiana university
1001 e. 10th st. bloomington in 47405

phone: 812-855-1475


field station address:
633 s. boulder road, cardwell, montana 59721
phone: 406-287-3323