Data Access

There are two types of IUIE users:

Information Consumers execute reports and obtain data extracts from production reports. Consumers cannot publish reports but can utilize all report functionality described on the Reporting pages of this overview.

Among consumers, groups are established to control access to report objects. Restricted reports will appear grayed-out but if clicked on, they will link to an access request form. The form can be filled out and submitted to appropriate Data Manager or Data Steward for consideration.

Information Providers can be Data Managers, Data Stewards, or other power users who are intimately familiar with the data and subject matter. They are responsible for developing, publishing, and determining the security for IUIE reports.

There are two levels of report object access restriction:

University Internal Access: By default, all IU employees will be made members of the group University Internal and will be able to access any report object classified as such. Affiliates must receive permission from a Data Manager before being added to that role.

Restricted Access: A Data Manager must authorize access to report objects containing restricted data. Although a report object may appear grayed-out, a user can still read the metadata and request access, if needed. Once access is granted, users can take advantage of their updated access as soon as they receive confirmation.

Information has been placed in the IUIE to facilitate the conduct of University business. Access to information in the IUIE for purposes other than the conduct of University business by persons authorized to access such information and conduct such business, will be handled in accordance with applicable law and University policies, including the Indiana Access to Public Records Act, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and rules for the protection of human research subjects.

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