Email Distribution

In the IUIE Email distribution a batch service performs the mailing functions. The IUIE provides the interface to these functions through two report object types, Data Extracts and PDQs. Email distribution is restricted by a special security group that controls access to email. This is in addition to the existing security groups for control of access to the data.

IUIE Email distribution is a restricted function. If you are a member of the email security group, mailing options are available if mailing functionality has been developed for the report. A Mailing button will be visible when a datagroup has columns that have been defined by the Information Provider as containing an e-mail address.

Access request approvals can be obtained from your department supervisor. There is no need to get DM approval. As a rule, the Mailing function will be restricted to only those who are authorized to distribute mass mailings to student populations at IU.

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