Managing My Catalog

My Catalog has two modes: View mode, which is the default, and Manage mode. The current mode is indicated by the tabs at the bottom of My Catalog.

Reports are run in View mode. When View mode is selected, clicking on a report object will display the parameter entry form for that report object on the right.

Manage mode displays options for editing and managing folders and shortcuts to report objects. Folders and shortcuts can be created, renamed, moved, or deleted.

When a folder is selected in Manage mode, its contents are displayed in the following order:

  • Management options (indicated by a blue diamond)
  • Report objects (indicated by the appropriate type icon)
  • Subfolders
  • Shortcuts to reports with saved parameters are stored in the New Shortcuts folder by default. To organize them into more meaningful categories, one may create new folders. Shortcuts can be moved to any folder within My Catalog.

  • To enter Manage mode, click on the Manage tab at the bottom of My Catalog.
  • To see a description of an item, mouse over it.
  • To open, close, or to display folder-management options, click on folder labels or icons.
  • To display report-management options, click on report object labels or icons.
  • To hide management options and return to running reports, click the View tab at the bottom of My Catalog.
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