Report Metadata

Metadata is detailed information about report object data. The Metadata section of any report object is displayed at the top of the report form and includes the following links:

Name: (Linked Name) Clicking on the report name (Title) opens a page that displays the report technical name, column technical names, and general data information. In addition, clicking on the (linked) parameter names will provide technical information about the parameter, and clicking other report specification, will in most cases direct you to a related KB article to help explain what the report function is. Click here for an example!

Instructions will show details on how to use the report.

Report Object Help displays instructions unique to running an extract against the report object.

Last refresh date displays at the top-right and indicates when the source data was last refreshed. If this date is not available, see IUIE News for a status on all reports in the IUIE. If the date is "unknown", the report publisher has not provided this information.

Security Information shows what user security group membership a consumer has that enables them to view the report.

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