Working in My Catalog

The IUIE staff recommends working with report objects from within My Catalog, instead of the Master Catalog.

My Catalog initially contains five default folders:

  • Shared Folders: Shortcuts to frequently-used report objects you want to share with other IUIE users are stored and organized in subfolders within this folder.
  • Completed Reports: Contains a list of Reports that have completed. Users can be notified when a report has finished and becomes available in this folder.
  • Job Log: Lists all the jobs a user has submitted to run. This folder does not contain report output, but makes available information about each report submission.
  • Scheduled Jobs: Scheduled reports are stored here. From this folder, jobs can be viewed, updated, disabled, or deleted.
  • New Shortcuts: Shortcuts to frequently-used report objects are stored and organized in this folder.
  • When in Manage mode, users will find a function for creating additional folders and subfolders. These can help organize My Catalog's Index of report objects.

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