Scheduling Report Objects

Users can schedule certain types of reports to run at a specified day & time, on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly), or after a specific Event.

Requirements for scheduling:

  • Report Parameters must be saved.
  • Scheduling is initiated from the Scheduled Jobs folder in My Catalog.
  • Report schedules will run during IUIE Online hours only.
  • Only Datagroups, PDQs, or Datagroup Templates offer scheduling.
  • Once a report object has been saved with parameters, a Schedule button will appear on the report form. Use that button to enter the schedule settings.

    After a report object is scheduled, the scheduling can be changed by accessing the Shortcut for that Report Object from the Scheduled Jobs folder. From the scheduling form the job can be updated, disabled, or deleted completely.

    Application areas, (currently LIS, SIS, FIS, and HRMS) will create and communicate to users the existence of Events. We also expect application areas to provide user contacts for questions related to Events.

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