The Search Function

Accessed by a link on the Master Catalog or Test Catalog pages, the search function allows users to conduct a simple or advanced search for report objects. By default the search function performs the search in the catalog the user is in when Search is accessed, but users can choose which catalog to conduct a search.

Search uses simple parameters that look for report objects within either the Master or Test Catalog based on the report label name entered into the search field. The search is conducted on the label name, description and instruction fields. The returned results are ordered by the label name and also display the corresponding technical name and a description of the report object.

Advanced Search allows a more refined or broader search scope. Both the Master and Test Catalogs can be searched at the same time. Several search parameter options, such as the report label name, the technical name, the description of the report object, or report object Instructions, can be selected as selection criteria. Column label name, column technical name and column description can be searched for Data Extract report objects. The search results can be ordered by the report name, technical name, or report object type. The search can be filtered by department, campus, and report object type.

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