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Volume 05 (2005)

Table of Contents

05-03 Čavar, Małgorzata Alternating Environment in the Analysis of Derived Environment Effects
[Abstract] [Fulltext]

05-04 Čavar, Małgorzata [ATR] in Polish
[Abstract] [Fulltext]

05-08A Deguchi, Masanori The role of information structure in multiple quantification sentences
[Abstract] [Syntax and Beyond]

05-09A Edmonds, Amanda C. The diachronic development of a French universal quantifier
[Abstract] [Syntax and Beyond]

05-10A Franks, Steven What is that ?
[Abstract] [Syntax and Beyond]

05-06 José, Brian Appalachian English in Harrison County, Indiana? The Evidence from Verbal -s
[Abstract] [Fulltext]

05-11A Kitagawa, Yoshihisa
Janet Dean Fodor
Prosodic influence on syntactic judgments
[Abstract] [Syntax and Beyond]

05-12A Kuroda, S.-Y. Prosody and the syntax of indeterminates
[Abstract] [Syntax and Beyond]

05-02 Lee, DongMyung Weight-sensitive Tone Patterns in Loan Words of South Kyungsang Korean
[Abstract] [Fulltext]

05-07 Mullins, Christopher On the Origin and Inherent Meaning of the L-Stem
[Abstract] [Fulltext]

05-05 Riordan, Brian Language Policy for Linguistic Minority Students in Japanese Public Schools and Prospects for Bilingualism: The Nikkei Brazilian Case
[Abstract] [Fulltext]

05-13A Roehrs, Dorian Possessives consist of heads and complements: Some notes
[Abstract] [Syntax and Beyond]

05-14A Sapp, Christopher D. Factors favoring Aux-V order in 15th century German subordinate clauses
[Abstract] [Syntax and Beyond]

05-01 Silbert, Noah
Kenneth de Jong
Hanyong Park
Linguistic generalization in L2 consonant identification accuracy: a preliminary report
[Abstract] [Fulltext]

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