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Submission Guidelines

    1. Submission of papers

    (a)Manuscripts will be collected throughout the year in both paper and electronic form (PDF format) by the Editor. A single manuscript need only be submitted in one of these two formats.

    (b)A 200-word abstract must be submitted with all manuscripts.

      1.1. Paper submission
      Please send to the Editorial Board three hardcopies of your paper with a cover sheet attached to the top copy; put the copies into the "Working Papers" box (on the right as you enter) in the mailroom in Memorial Hall (Rm. 319). The cover sheet is here in PDF - please print it and fill it out.

      1.2. Electronic submission
      Please send one copy of your paper in PDF format as an attachment to iulcwp@indiana.edu. Cut and paste the information in the cover sheet found here into the body of your email message and add your relevant details.

    2. Format specifications

      2.1. Length
      Generally, there is no page limit on manuscripts; however, it is recommended that papers do not exceed thirty pages, including trees, tables, charts, references, etc.

      2.2. Paper layout
      (a) Paper: US-Letter (i.e. 8.5 x 11 inches)
      (b) Margins: Top and bottom - 1", Left and right margins - 1.25"
      (c) Spacing: Double-space

      2.3. Fonts
      Any fonts are fine (Times or Times New Roman are recommended) but be aware that there could be some issues in PDF-ifying certain other fonts (Please see the PDF guidelines for more information). The main text should be written in 12-pt. and footnotes should be written in the 10-pt. size of the same font. We strongly recommend that you use SIL IPA 93 fonts if needed. SIL IPA 93 fonts are available via the World Wide Web and can be downloaded from: http://www.sil.org/computing/fonts/Encore-ipa.html

      2.4. Page numbering
      Page numbers should be placed on the bottom of each page with the center alignment.

      2.5. Formats
      All other formatting should follow the standards of a refereed journal to which your paper might be submitted.

Cover sheet - PDF
(for hardcopy submission)

Cover sheet - Text
(for electronic submission)

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