Anaphora in two Turkic languages: Condition A is not enough

Travis Major, Sozen Ozkan


This paper investigates the properties of anaphora in two Turkic languages: Uyghur and Turkish. Prior literature has recognized that the anaphor in Turkish is non- standard and has an atypical distribution (Kornfilt 2001). We argue that both kendi (Turkish) and ̈oz (Uyghur) are systematic and can be accounted for with the following two ingredients: a) classical Condition A when the antecedent-anaphor relation is local (Chomsky 1986); and b) logophoricity: non-local antecedents must be logophoric (Charnavel Zlogar, 2015; Charnavel & Sportiche, 2016). 


Turkic, syntax, anaphora

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