DMR and SystemFustion

We’re pleased to announce that K9IU has two new repeaters at the IMU site.  In the left rack is a 70cm Motorola MOTOTRBO repeater on loan to our club from W9AMT of the Hoosier DMR project.  Hoosier DMR maintains a primer for those starting out in DMR.  In the right rack is the K9IU repeater, 146.94 MHz, negative offset.  New 9-4 is a Yaesu SystemFusion DR-1X, receiving in “Automatic Mode Select” and transmitting in analog FM.  Users with Yaesu C4FM radios can talk into the repeater on digital, but the machine will always be configured to receive FM also.  If we get a higher adoption curve of SystemFusion radios, then we may switch the transmit to AMS also, effectively yielding a digital 9-4 and an analog 9-4.

Remember that 9-4 is currently using 107.2 Hz PL tone.  It has been determined, math courtesy of WB9TLH, that the output of 9-4 and output of the nearby 146.64 repeater give a mixing product on the 9-4 input frequency, sticking our squelch open if the 6-4 audio has the same tone.  So, we’re temporarily on 107.2 Hz until we can tune a cavity filter to place in-line with the RX side of the duplexer to prevent desense of the receiver.  Thanks to WB9VPG of Bloomington South for letting us borrow some cans to try.

DMR and 9-4
The Motorola MOTOTRBO and Yaesu SystemFusion repeaters at the IMU repeater site.

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