2017-2018 club activity !

Lots happening at K9IU !    The web site is back up and running

New HF antenna now in service-   Mosley Pro67 which covers 40M and 20-10 Meters !   We will be adding a remote auto tuned long wire for 160/80/60/30 meter bands soon.   Tested during school club roundup    SSCW and SS SSB contests !

The K9IU repeater (analog voice) is now on 147.180 MHz FM (+600khz offset,  Ctcss 136.5)     The repeater has a new Phelps Dodge 4 bay VHF vertical with 8 dB gain        The repeater is a yaesu system fusion DR1X machine and is now housed at the stadium press box on the campus of Indiana University

K9IU wins a plaque for ARRL November Sweepstakes –  taking 6th place overall in the school category and 1st place in the central division !


Field day results :   1st place 9E !    6th place Indiana overall    Not bad for taking 12am-8am off !    Great club partnership with K9SOU bloomington South Highschool to bring in some new / youth contesters !


Reminder.    Get involved !    Our Monthly Club meeting is on the last Sunday of each month at 7 PM,  location is the club shack located in room 677 of the IMU Union  student activities tower.

Annual dues are due  :  $20 per year    All proceeds fund Radio ham shack improvements !   Please contact us at mailto:K9IU@indiana.edu to learn ways to pay,  PayPal  Vimeo and more.



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