Long wire launch with spud gun

Nothing beats a little aqua net to launch an antenna pilot line.   Here you can just see the insulator hanging over the edge of the building  look for the thin black antenna wire    Sure hope the DX engineering antenna wire isn’t just hype  !     Hope it’s strong too!

We installed the 160 foot long wire antenna today.  It will be tuned with an Icom AH-4 auto tuner and fed against the grounded  tower.       Need to complete the install by wiring up the tuner to the shack and then a few connections to the tuner.

Top band here we come !!    Just in time for the quiet low band season     Here  is a video of K7JOE and N9VKU launching the pilot line which then hauled the antenna wire over to the air handling unit on the roof of IMU memorial hall.       A convenient trap door made install a snap.  The key was a good shot with the spud gun.   Took us 3 tries due to a very windy day.

antenna launch



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