K9IU Monthly Meeting – Sunday February 25 2018. 7PM

The monthly club meeting for K9IU is Sunday evening at 7PM at the IMU ham shack, room 677.  Free parking in town on Sundays, recommended parking is on Kirkwood or surface lots near the IMU.     73 and see you there.     DE K9IU.

Reminder that the Brownsburg Hamfest is this coming SATURDAY.


Formerly Brownsburg Hamfest

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Open to the public: 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM



Questions and table reservation: hcars46122@gmail.com

Talk-in on 147.015MHz +600kHz repeater

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A $114 all-in-one D-Star, System Fusion, DMR, and P25 hot-spot digital modem dongle

All,  I just got a hold of a neat little gadget available on ebay for $114 shipped (from Hong Kong).  It is a fully integrated MMDVM (multi-mode digital voice modem) on a board that interfaces with a Raspberry Pi Nano single-board computer.   It comes in a tiny case with an OLED display screen, and a UHF ducky antenna.

This is commonly known as a Jumbo-spot and can be found in DIY format for around $45… (you add your own Pi Nano @ $15, an 8GB SD Card @ $9, and solder 2 headers and 1 antenna connector…and you can be on digital modes for $75 or so)

SO…what can you do with this dongle?   Well..many digital repeaters are networked together….and connected to various “chat rooms” and “reflectors”.   Thus, a virtual congregation of hams from all over the world meet up.   However, some places may lack a repeater (or like many students, you’re limited to a simple D-Star, Fusion, or DMR handheld without the ability to install outdoor antennas to reach the regular repeater).

No problem — all you need is this dongle, a  5V wallwart, and a WIFI connection… oh, and your regular dstar or fusion or dmr radio.   You configure the dongle to connect to the internet and connect you to those various reflectors/chat rooms of your choice using a user-interface known as Pi-Star.

The small hotspot dongle connects to your radio on your choice of VHF or UHF frequencies (simplex in most cases).  Thus, the ‘last mile’ connection is from your HT / Radio to the dongle and is done with RF.

What results is an HT that is truly global-capable as long as the internet connection is available.    Some guys are even using mobile WIFI/LTE hotspots to take their HT mobile while staying connected every step of the way through the D-Star, Fusion, or DMR network.

What’s more:  a College hamradio chat room has been created on the DMR network – node 9500 – to allow college club stations to communicate with each other, to network, and to have fun.

Here’s a few links for more info:  http://radioaficion.com/news/jumbo-spot-mmdvm-review/



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School Club Roundup – and one of our field day ops on the ARRL landing page !

Reminder the winter/spring School Club Roundup is on air and happening now !

Here is Trevor Cutshall,  younger brother of club president Ryan Cutshall KD9DAB and one of our HS student field day ops for K9IU/K9SOU joint field day.   Here, Trevor is operating out of K9SOU Bloomington South HS, likely piloting them to another SCR first place win!   School Club Roundup is happening NOW !    Feb 12-16.  Please get on the air and work the schools that are calling “CQ SCR”!    If you’re a school club,  be it university/college or high school/middle school/elementary school…by all means, GET ON THE AIR !!!!

DE K9IU … Making Ham Radio Cool (again) !

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Boat Anchors….

A recent visit to Mike, WB0SND’s ham shack.  This is  half of the “boat anchors ” on this side of his ham shack.  Just a few toys, eh?  How about the AM transmitter – a bunch of  813 ‘s modulating some 4-400’s.   This thing loafs along at the legal limit of 375W AM carrier.    It will do double that (3KW effective DC output) without breaking a sweat.

I just want to know what brand of  desk he is using.  That’s some heavy metal !       Mike was a member of the University of Missouri, Rolla  (W0EEE) club back in the day.    He is active on most contests and uses the old gear often !

Do you AM ?     Give 7.290 Mhz a try !

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A $109 HF all band SSB and CW Transceiver from India! Meet the UBitX (micro Bit X)

Wow.      For $109 you can get on the air with 10-15 watts of RF, covering all ham bands.  SSB?   CW?   Digital modes?   No problem !!   QRP?   QRO?   Also No Pproblem.

The opportunities are endless.

How about putting this in a box, along with a single board computer (pi, other) and a small LCD screen, antenna tuner, SWR meter, an LIFE4PO battery  and have an all in one, battery operated  fully digital HF station?   I just ordered one of these — I prevously built the BitX40 and it worked great.   Want to learn more?



Ready to buy one?  Go over to the HF Signals web site, check it out.





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