Indiana University Bloomington

Hoosier Hop Radio show on WOWO in the 1930s.

Location: Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Dates: 1941, 1947, 1950
Format: Lacquer disc
Accession Number: 80-102-F/B

Donald Lake (b. 1914) was a musician with the Black Hawk Valley Boys, a western swing band that played on a syndicated radio program produced at WOWO in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The "Hoosier Hop" radio show was broadcast from the Embassy Theatre and was like many of the barn dance radio programs of the time, the Grand Ole Opry being the best-known example. These 69 recordings were made by the radio station engineers onto lacquer disc. The recordings were digitally preserved as part of the Sound Directions Project and showcase the superb musicianship of these Indiana musicians.

Sample 1: "Hoosier Hop" radio program introduction by cast, ca. 1940. OT 5879.


Sample 2: Black Hawk Valley Boys musical intro