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The Archives of Traditional Music presents a small portion of its holdings for online access. Partnering with Indiana University’s Libraries, the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, and Indiana University's Media Collections Online, we intend to offer much more of our holdings online in the next few years. Until that time, we are making a select set of recordings available online to users.  Be aware that these recordings may become available from a different URL as materials are migrated to the Library’s online media portal, Media Collections Online.

End User License Agreement for Online Delivery of Recordings

This end user license agreement is intended to protect the rights of the subjects appearing within the recordings, the researchers, the Archives of Traditional Music, and Indiana University. Users may access these recordings solely for their individual and nonprofit educational and research purposes. If a user wishes to make any further use of the recordings, the user is responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions to do so from the applicable rights holders in the material. For further information on use of particular recordings, contact the archives at

Users may NOT make or distribute copies of the recordings or their contents, in whole or in part, for any purpose. By proceeding to the online collections of the Archives of Traditional Music, you represent that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with the above terms and conditions of use of the online recordings presented on this website.

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