Lennon Lab
Microbial Biodiversity


Current Lab Members

Jay T. Lennon

Principal Investigator
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Research interests:
Biodiversity, traits, dormancy, microbiology, resource variability, ecology and evolution.

Daniel Schwartz

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research interests:
Experimental evolution, phage-host coevolution and coexistence, evolution within communities

Megan Behringer

Postdoctoral Researcher (co-mentored with Michael Lynch)

Research interests:
Genome Evolution, Experimental Evolution, Mutation, Bioinformatics.

Will Shoemaker

Ph.D. Student
Personal website

Research interests:
Microbial life-history traits, ecological-evolutionary interactions, and bioinformatics.

Nathan Wisnoski

Ph.D. Student
Personal website

Research interests:
Hyporheic microbial ecology, dormancy, dispersal, and metacommunities.

Roy Moger-Reischer

Ph.D. Student

Personal website

Research interests:
Evolution of aging and longevity; evolutionary synthetic biology; experimental evolution.

Emmi Mueller

Ph.D. Student

Personal website

Research interests:
Microbial ecology, resilience and resistance, and molecular genetics.

Brent Lehmkuhl

Research Technician

Research interests:
Microbiology, molecular genetics, resuscitation promoting factors.

Ashley Justice

Undergraduate Researcher

Research interests:
Microbiology and evolution.

Betsy Snider

Undergraduate Researcher

Research interests:
Genetics and microbiology.

Kelsey McKenzie

Undergraduate Researcher

Research interests:
Cell biology and experimental evolution.

Danni Boylan

Undergraduate Researcher

Research interests:
Microbiology, evolution, cell and developmental biology.

Former Lab Members

Postdocs and Graduate Students

Jordan Bird, Postdoctoral Researcher, Postdoc University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Ken Locey, Postdoctoral Researcher, Associate Professor Diné College

Kevin Webster, Ph.D. student, Associate Research Scientist at Planetary Science Institute, Postdoc at University of Arizona

Mario Muscarella, Ph.D. student, Research Fellow Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Megan Larsen, Ph.D. student, Postdoc at Wilfrid Laurier University

Ariane Peralta, Postdoctoral Researcher, Assistant Professor East Carolina University

Sarah Placella, Postdoctoral Researcher, Consultant at Sevident

Stuart Jones, Postdoctoral Researcher, Associate Professor University of Notre Dame

Ed Hall, Postdoctoral Researcher, Assistant Professor Colorado State University

Zach Aanderud, Postdoctoral Researcher, Associate Professor at Brigham Young University

Evan Kane, Postdoctoral Researcher, Associate Professor Michigan Tech

Kali Bird, Graduate Student, Founder of Hike New York

Venus Kuo, Graduate Student

Visiting Scholars and Teachers

Melany Fisk, Professor, Miami University

Sarah Bray, Associate Professor, Transylvania University

Marty Green, Teacher, Plainwell Middle School

Sandy Erwin, Teacher, Harper Creek High School

Research Technicians and Assistants

McKenzie Givens, Technician

Steve Reynolds, Technician

Evgeniya Polezhaeva, Technician

Sophie Kranke, Technician

Sarah Widney, Technician

Sarah Kuenzel, Technician

Brent Nowinski, Technician

Megan Lowenberg, Technician

Rob Morrison, Technician

Cathy McMinn, Technician

Justin Rensch, Assistant

Bryan Wallace, Assistant

Undergraduate Researchers

JD French, Indiana University

Jessica Zellinger, Indiana University

Max Zaret, Indiana University

Derek Hocker, Indiana University

Cari Rice, Indiana University

Mollie Carrison, Indiana University

SydneyEllen Gooding, Transylvania University

Mary Wallace, Transylvania University

Benjamin Fleet, Indiana University

Bianca Blaettner, Indiana University

Catherine Meador, Indiana University

Peyton Thomas, Transylvania University

Jaylen Beatty, Transylvania University

Luke Pryke, Indiana University

Drew Meyer, Indiana University

Keaton Wieschhaus, Indiana University

Sarah Cummins, Indiana University

Rachel Ferrill, Transylvania University

Jared Brewer, Transylvania University

Zachary Wakefield, Indiana University

Shanika Daniels, Indiana University

Xia Meng Howey, Indiana University

Andrew Koultourides, Indiana University

Claire Freeman, Colorado State University

Ebony Rodgers, Bennett College

Sarah Thornburgh, Drake University

Taiquitha Robins, Jackson State University

Robbie Snyder, The Ohio State University

Ben Phillips, Michigan State University

High School Students

Ian Schowe, East Noble High School, Kendallville, IN, IN

Nicole Nguyen, Burris Laboratory School, Muncie, IN

Samuel Iwu, Indiana Math and Science Academy North, Indianapolis, IN

Dakayla Calhoun, Shortridge International Baccalaureate High School, Indianapolis, IN

Dante Razzo, Bloomington North High School, Bloomington, IN

Nick Nelson, Bishop Noll Institute, Hammond, IN