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Professional Submission: Friday, July 19, 2013
Graduate Submission: Monday, September 2, 2013

Contact: Patrick D. Smith, Conference Chair
email: smithpd@indiana.edu, ph: 812-855-3540, fax: (812) 856-0445

Call for Proposals

The mission of the Diversity Leadership Conference is to promote African American, Asian American, Latino and Native American men and women by empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to: foster academic success, establish a support network, support the goal of graduation, and improve personal achievement by influencing leadership through unity and a commitment to humankind. This conference has increasingly become a popular event at Indiana University and throughout the Mid-West.

This year’s theme is “Connectedness: Networks in a Complex World”. In support of the theme, coupled with the Diversity Leadership mission, the program sessions selected will address the following core areas pertaining to higher education: From neurons to social relationships, tweets to trade agreements, literary structures to food webs, the idea of “connections” has become central to how we understand our world. We link to one another, to the virtual world, and to various environments through networks that exist at all levels of human activity. “Six degrees of separation,” “networking” and “social capital” have become part of our language and our daily lives. By mapping the connections among multiple types and levels of “actors”, we have begun to understand the neural and protein networks that sustain life, the social bonds that support or dismantle solidarity in communities, and the political ties on which governments rise and fall. Networks are more than neutral, random or sterile connecting structures. They can facilitate or deny access to a wide array of resources, and provide real intervention points for social, institutional and global change. Themester 2013 focuses squarely on the role of connectedness as a force in society and in our lives as unique individuals, partners, citizens and members of a global community. Whether particles, people or policies, human experience is embedded in dynamic streams of networks that shape our very existence. The Diversity Leadership Conference is inviting presenters to submit a proposal and adhere to the following guidelines below:

Program Type
General Conference Program Sessions (75 minutes)

General Interest Sessions are scheduled throughout the conference. These programs are chosen in large part because of their relevance to the conference theme and incorporation of the core areas. General interest sessions are designed to be interactive conversations between presenters and participants.

Best Practices Roundtable Discussion (75 minutes)

The round table option allows for in-depth discussion related to current events, developing trends or best practices that relate to the conference theme or the core areas. Roundtable programs are not eligible to receive any audiovisual support, as these are meant to be discussions, not formal presentations.

Gender Specific Issues (75 minutes)

Discussion sessions will focus on gender specific issues.

Submit your proposal

You have one of two options:
1. Download the *.doc version of the proposal submission form, fill it out and email or fax it back,
2. Fill out the following form and submit it.

Presenter Information
City State
Phone Number
Email Address
*ALL rooms are equipped with A/V Equipment*
Presentation Type:
Lecture Roundtable Discussion Panel  
Specific Targeted Audience?
Women´s Topics Men´s Topics Both  
Graduate Discussion Topics Practitioners
Are you willing to present twice? (Possibly on both days)
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Conference Core Area (select up to two):
You will need to explain how your program will address at least one of the core areas

Civil Discourse/Behavior Student Ethics Cross-Cultural Topics
Civic Engagement Political Activism Gender and Leadership

Program Title (10-word limit):

Abstract (85-word limit): This abstract will appear in the conference program booklet.

Program Description: (250-word limit). The program description should include the purpose and rationale and an explanation of how this program connects to the conference theme and at least one of the core areas.

Welcome to the 2012 Men & Women ofColor Leadership Conference.

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