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Lecture titles and links to readings

What is money?
What is the history of money?
"Primitive money" and general equivalents
Money and Value

The "ancient economy" debate
Money and the ancient state
Money and the fall of Rome
A monetary dark age?
Cites, coinage, and the commercial revolution
Religion, culture, and commerce in the Middle Ages
Did capitalism have a "spirit"?
International trade and the price revolution
The many moneys of the slave trade

Culture, circulation, and credit in early-modern society
Money, property, and political thought
Bubbles, banks, and schemes
Modern wealth and ancient republics

The French Revolution and money
Reaction and the politics of poverty in 19th-cy Europe
Money and the American Revolution
Money, banks, and Americans
National moneys and civil wars
Populists, goldbugs, and creation of Federal Reserve
Great war and great inflation
And the great depression
Post-war memory, history, and political economy
After Bretton Woods
Bitcoin, debt ceilings, and euro crises: history and money today

History of Money