IUSM College & House

Colleges and Houses map. Map of Indiana with nine campuses. State divided in four parts. Crest for North, South, East, and West are placed in each section.Medical school is a hard road to travel alone! The new College & House system is designed to support IUSM students during their education by encouraging interaction between the school’s nine campuses. It divides IUSM into four Colleges – North, East, South and West – based on the locations of the eight regional centers. Each College contains three Houses, two of which each represent an entire regional campus, and one which represents a quarter of the IUSM-Indianapolis student body. This structure links nearby regional campuses and ensures that all campuses have a connection to Indianapolis.

The twelve Houses are distributed among the four Colleges as follows:

  • North College
    • North-Northwest House
    • North-South Bend House
    • North-Indy House
  • East College
    • East-Fort Wayne House
    • East-Muncie House
    • East-Indy House
  • South College
    • South-Bloomington House
    • South-Evansville House
    • South-Indy House
  • West College
    • West-Terre Haute House
    • West-West Lafayette House
    • West-Indy House

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